FREE Everyday Arithmetic Books From The 1920s!

Download five completely free PRACTICAL math books from the 1920s that cover 2nd grade through 8th grade every day math skills!

Here are several completely free classic math books that you can download from the Google Books archive!

Each book by Franklin Hoyt and Harriet Peet is very practical and would be a great addition to any math curriculum.

Click here to download the book First Year In Numbers (grade 2)

Click here to download Everyday Arithmetic Book 1 (grades 3 & 4)

Click here to download Everyday Arithmetic Book 2 (grades 5 & 6)

Click here to download Everyday Arithmetic Book 3 (grades 7 & 8)

A Course Of Study In Everyday Arithmetic + Answer Guide To Previous Books

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  1. Thank you!

  2. Could you give me the titles of these arithmetic books? I would love to purchase them somewhere in book form! I love the old time books, thanks for sharing!

    • They are all called Everyday Arithmetic and they are by Franklin S. Hoyt & Harriet E. Peet. I found several of them on eBay for much less than I was expecting them to be!

  3. These are great. Thank you so much!

  4. Tammy Jones says

    These are great, thank you!

  5. jeane curtis says

    I can’t get any to download. Please help!!!!!

  6. The links aren’t working for me.

  7. This is sooooo cool! Thanks much!

  8. ShellyMBooks says

    Thank you .Love collecting vintage math books

  9. That’s very wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.




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