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Free Online Homeschool Curriculum

While there are a few websites have all (or almost all) of what you need on their website, many of the websites also use books that are free to download or read online. Some require you to get a book from the library, and then others will have free instruction for a college or high school textbook that you would need to buy. While the latter is not completely free, the instruction is, which I think qualifies as a freebie!

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Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is a free home school curriculum designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own private and correspondence schools. Ambleside Online recommends the highest quality of books and most of the books could likely be found through a library loan system. The curriculum also uses as many free online books as possible, and there is no cost to use this website or join the support group.

Old Fashioned Education

Old Fashioned Education offers a directory of free home school curricula, literature and text books organized for the use of home schooling families. It has its roots in Charlotte Mason, but has a more structured routine and schedule. There is a book list, daily schedule, and many other resources for each grade level from K- 12. One of my favorite things about this website is that there is a section where you can find numerous websites to find free online books! Even if you don’t agree with all of the ideals presented, this is a useful website for planning your school year.

PASS (special learning needs)

Complete textbooks in downloadable form (PDF files) for all core subjects are available from the Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). These textbooks are written to help students with various learning needs and are presented in an easy-to-understand format. The PDF’s are currently found in the search results from the ERIC educational database, so you will need to scroll through the various results to find the books that you need.

SAS Curriculum Pathways

For grades K-12, SAS Curriculum Pathways is available at no cost and used by thousands of educators in all 50 states. SAS Curriculum Pathways provides academic instruction of English, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish. Social studies materials include an interactive atlas. In math, an interactive tool helps students develop basic algebra skills. Enhancements to the award-winning Writing Reviser in the English module help students master sentence fundamentals. Spanish materials help students develop reading and listening skills in real-world situations.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, is a private university that has numerous courses available for free online (not for MIT credit, though). What they have is called Highlights for High School and it is your guide to MIT courses selected specifically to help high school students prepare for AP exams so students can also get a glimpse of what they will study in college.

HippoCampus offers Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, World Religions, and US History. You can follow a course of the curriculum in each class, or select a problem area to get a clear explanation and practice problems. Many of the subject home pages include a corresponding moderated blog created by teachers, for teachers. Each blog contains ideas and activities that teachers can use to use HippoCampus in creative ways. Posted lesson plans include learning objectives, assessment ideas, assignment details, instructor notes, and a rubric for grading lessons. The lessons also utilize some videos from Khan Academy.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. With over 2600 videos, they cover K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reach into other subject with playlists on finance and history. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long, and learning is self-paced.  Parents, as teachers, can see any student in detail, have a real-time class report for all students, and see resources for providing targeted interventions in learning if necessary.


CK-12 is a non-profit organization that has a ton of great educational resources! Once you create an account, you will have access to full lesson plans (including several with videos) for math, science, engineering, history, english, and technology! Once you click on a subject, you can pick a specific topic that you want to study about OR you can click on the “Concept Map” option to see the order that they recommend teaching the concepts in. Please keep in mind that this is a completely secular curriculum, so any science lessons that talk about the origin of life would come at it from an evolutionary perspective. If you like utilizing a Kindle, or your Kindle App on your smartphone or tablet, then you can also download A TON of CK-12 textbooks for FREE!

Brightly Beaming Resources

Brightly Beaming Resources is a full and totally free curriculum for preschool age up to age 11.  Brightly Beaming Resources is home to a very popular preschool curriculum called Letter of the Week.  Letter of the week works exactly how it sounds… you learn one letter per week with your preschooler and Brightly Beaming Resources gives you the lessons, activities, and book lists.

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  1. PASS does not plan to put the files back online. Last I checked, they were mailing out CDs of the books but I don’t know if they’re out of materials yet. I know a lot of people have requested them lately.

    Thanks for the list. I knew about most of them but there are a few that were new to me. I have to vote for curricula though. The other just doesn’t look right! πŸ˜‰


  2. Another full curriculum that I love is “Easy Peasy β€” All in One Homeschool”


    • I’m the author of Easy Peasy. It’s different from the others listed. It’s all there online ready for your child to learn independently. They just go to day 1 and start using the links. It uses books from Ambelside but includes the assignments, not just for reading, but for writing, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. 180 days of lessons and assignments are online for English, math, history, science, and Bible as well as weekly lessons in art, music, PE/Health, logic and computer. The site is in progress and will grow to include high school. It starts with pre-K and has a complete learning to read program. And not only is the curriculum free, but the materials are all free too. It only uses free materials found online.

      • I love it! Thank you so much for developing such a great website!!

      • Wow – thank you so much lee!!!

      • I just wanted to say that after trying several learning to read programs with my current 5yr old, Easy Peasy is the only one that is working without any frustration on either of our parts. I’m so thankful to have found your website. I was also able to pass it along to my sister who is incredibly enthusiastic to use it with all of her children in homeschooling next year. It’s a great resource for those families who don’t have the extra money to spend and it’s so great that it’s already put together for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • Thank you! this curriculum looks amazing. I love that it is Christian and that is loud and clear throughout all of it! Keep up the good work!

      • I was looking at Easy Peasy…has anyone tried it yet? I have a Kindergartener, 2nd grader and 11th grade…

        • valorie sporleder says

          I am using it for my Kindergartener/1st grader. I had been using a boxed curricula and she was flying through it. I began using it to supplement and slow her down. I have found it to be wonderful. She loves it. I plan to use it exclusively beginning next year.

        • I’ve been clicking around on Easy Peasy All in One for a few weeks now, and I’m quite impressed. Thanks to all who are contributing the time to organize free & non-spammish, non-virus filled access to these education materials.

      • Lee, I have a question. My son was trying to do some learning on the math links on easy peasy, and it says he was out of practice time for the day. He had been doing it for only about 10 minutes. Is there a way to register on your site in order to be able to have more practice time?

        • Charlie…..I have been using EP for 2 years now for all my children grades 1,2 &5th. I am not sure which age your is, but Lee puts all the links together. The limited time most likely came from whatever web-site you were on & not Lee herself, I know some of the links sometimes offer so many math problems per day.Hope this helps.

      • We have a 5th grader and are new to home schooling, we don’t like to common core system being taught in public schools and last year our son was bullied so bad he tried to kill himself. So we have pulled him out and we are trying to learn how to home school we just checked out easy peasy site along with many others. EP. Looks like the winner thank you so much for starting it

      • Christy Bryner says

        I’m about to start homeschooling my son who is in 10th grade,can you help me get started? I feel so overwhelmed!!

    • All in one homeschool is a God send for those of us who have to work outside the home to provide for our families. I just found this site two weeks ago, and am thoroughly amazed at the content of the curriculum. It is student led with exact instructions that are easily understood. Our family is eternally grateful to have found this amazing curriculum!!

  3. Just this week, I acquired the CDs for the PASS curriculum. The people who respond to the requests are very fast to mail them out, by the way. I emailed on Monday and received them by Thursday.
    If you find yourself unable to get a copy from the PASS website contact information, please contact me at anotheremailforjody@ gmail . com (remove the spaces) to see if I have them available to email to you.

  4. Hi, I wanted to let you know that you can find the PASS textbooks by searching within the PASS website using Google, and specifying “PDF” as the file type. Here is a shortcut link for this search:
    This will bring a listing of all the PDF’s on the PASS website (847 of them). Then you can sift through these results to download the ones that you want.

    If you want to find a list of files, you can do so by looking up the PASS website in the Internet Archive:

    Or as Jody mentioned, you can just request the physical CD’s….

    Thanks for this great resource you have provided for homeschooling families!

  5. Hey there. Another is Easy Peasy homeschool. I like it a lot.

  6. Just wanted you to know about a new curriculum that’s totally free! We use it every day and LOVE it! It’s called Easy Peasy all-in-one homeschool. It’s at πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, the website also provides free full curriculum resources for those who prefer to put together their own curriculum.

  8. I am seeking methods to study spanish on the internet for countless years at this point.
    We have experimented with rosetta natural stone, one on one tutoring, and many various other applications.

    Rocket Spanish has been really the only plan that has did wonders to
    me. The item got me personally speaking as being a ancient inside of few months.

  9. I have a 2nd grader that is autistic. I am debating about homeschooling. What curriculum would everyone recommend? She learns better when things are repeated/rephrased in many subjects. She is a very fluent reader but struggles with reading comprehension at times. Thanks in advance for any leads as I do my research.

    • My son is autistic and we pulled him from public school and then held him back a grade because he was having so much trouble. We found Time4Learning to be great for him, its video and game based learning that engages him and he has to be interactive with it. It also allows you to go back or ahead a grade level in any subject so you can meet her where she is at with each subject. It does cost around $20 a month, but well worth it if that is not a problem for you. I think you can do a free trial to see if it would meet her needs as well. They also have great parent tools and creates reports that show lessons done and scores, its great. has full curriculum plans that you can follow for the year. It has been a God send for our 9 yo son with autism.

  10. Anyone have any suggestions for a Christian Based Homeschool program? I am looking into one for my 2 boys 5th & 6th Grade. Thanks!

    • The link you’ve posted here, is the only one that actually works for the PASS program. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I know this post is old, but I’m seeking out as many resources as possible because I have 4 kids at home with different learning styles and abilities. That’s why I’m here. But I also came across a new site with courses you can schedule and add your students to that is really helping my 15 year old who is a few years behind grade level. I thought it only fair to share the info with others. It’s still in the beta stages and I think it’s 4th grade and up, so it’s not for everyone. I don’t know if they plan to add more grades later or not, but what they have right now is HIGHLY impressive and thoroughly thought out! I’ve got about 5 resources from this article that might fit me if they’re still up and still free. The site I’m telling you about now is 100% free too. Without further ado, the site I’m talking about is Also , although my enthusiasm may sound like I’m involved with advertising for them or something, I want to be clear that I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just like it a lot and I got great links from your site, I thought it only fair to share back! Thanks for your hard work!

    • DR Laughlin,
      I’m new to homeschooling too and wondering if these links are still up and running. Thanks for posting. I’m going to also check out the Easy Peasy site for my PreK and 6th grader.
      Jules in FL

      • Grimes Family In NC says

        I tried Easy Peasy this past school year and it was easy to follow and use. I was also able to order a PASS disk from a FL resource and it was free. No daily plan or help there that I’ve found so far.

        Best wishes! Tanya

  12. Jennifer says

    I’d like any help in a curriculum for highschool grades 10 and 11. Thank you so much for any and all help.

    • Carlos E Hernandez says

      We use Acellus Academy. They have 2 modes, a homeschool or Academy. Same curriculum the price is different. $30/month vs. $80/month.

  13. Tracy Lynn Abel says

    How do you go about transitioning from public school to home school?

    • Hi Tracy Lynn! I would first head over to to check out the homeschooling laws in your state to make sure you withdraw legally and cover all your bases. Then I would suggest taking some time to relax and de-school while you spend some time researching the curriculum/homeschool style you want to use.

  14. Jackie Callori says

    I’m looking to homeschool my daughter for Gr. 11-don’t know where to start but I see a lot of good reports for Easy Peasy, All in One. We are not looking for a religious program, and would like to be creative with the curriculum-hands on & field trips, arts and music, health & fitness oriented. Any advice is welcome, thanks.




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