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Several of the sites below have printable schedules that you can follow and check off when you are done for the day. I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that every year will be as easy as preschool, but once you get a good foundation and a daily routine going, things are much more likely to work themselves out. Some of these links are also for Kindergarten, so keep going after preschool… if you dare. Be encouraged! You might like it as much as the kids do.

There are SO many websites out there that offer printables for school so if you are looking for printable worksheets for a particular subject area (like bears, or leaves) then just do a google search for “bears preschool printables free” or whatever you are looking up and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find a TON!

Brightly Beaming Resources

Brightly Beaming Resources has a preparatory program that is free and fabulously laid out. It grew from the Letter of the Week website into a resource that’s definitely worth looking at. BBR curriculum starts in the infant years and goes up to age 7! It’s more than preschool and a little more than Kindergarten. You can pick up on it whenever you want. You don’t have to start at the infant lessons, which really are not much more than singing, reading, and talking to your child while you introduce concepts to them. The whole program from start to finish is very easy to follow with book lists and activities.They also have book lists that are listed by age:

First School has a HUGE list of printable activities for preschool and kindergarten age kids. They have alphabet printables, blank calendars, coloring pages, crafts, homemade games, handwriting printables, shapes, and more!


Another website that has a ton of great printables and games for little ones is BananaBoo.  There are sections with printables for Puzzles, Stories, Cut-Outs, Crafts, Coloring, and a lot more!


Starfall can meet the needs of a child from preschool on up to 2nd grade or so, as well as for special education or re-teaching older kids who missed some phonics. Starfall has a motivating atmosphere that keeps kids engaged in learning. It’s fun enough that they don’t feel like it’s work – at least my kids didn’t think it was work. Many of the fun songs on Starfall have become hits on our family road trips, even teaching Dad a song he had never heard before!

Hubbard’s Cubbard

Hubbard’s Cubbard will be a treasure for those of you who want a thoughtful and gentle type of curriculum. It is bible-based, so for those who aren’t looking for that, you can skip this one. Michelle (the mom in charge of Hubbards Cupboard) has many years of experience in the education field and has a degree in early education. There is a printable page of her scope and sequence so you can see the big picture over the 3 years before Kindergarten. Her lessons reflect modeling kindness and love in the home while growing a love for learning.

The Virtual Vine

The Virtual Vine is a website put together by a teacher who shares her classroom ideas. It’s really aimed to help other teachers, but there are resources on there that will help with any preschool co-op or homeschool. There is a section called Themes and Units that has alphabetical lists by book title or by theme. Her page on Literacy connections is also helpful with a wide variety of ways to add literacy opportunities in your home school.

The School Bell

The School Bell is another page made by a former teacher who taught for 32 years! There are quite a few resources here, although there isn’t a set course or scope and sequence. If you don’t have time to browse, at least check out the Dolch Kit. One thing that you will hear over and over in many education circles for preschool is the Dolch Word list. This kit is one that some people might pay money for… but, here it is available for FREE!

Wee Folk Art

Wee Folk Art offers three 12-week units that flow with the seasons. This set will give your child a gentle start to education while you read books, explore life, and craft together. The units are based on books, at least one per week, but sometimes more, that will build on the theme with activities and literacy connections. They are very well organized, and I highly recommend downloading and looking at what they have to offer.

Handwriting For Kids

Handwriting For Kids is a HUGE resource for preschool printables, as well as several printables for older grades too!

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