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A lapbook can also be called a layer book, flap book, or shutter book. Basically, it is made of at least 2 manila folders with sections of mini-books, pictures, facts, poems, or anything related to the lesson at hand. It can be about anything you choose. Some companies sell pre-made kits or they might charge you for downloading the sheets for cutting & coloring. But all of the resources below are completely FREE!

The Notebooking Fairy

Jimmie over at The Notebooking Fairy has a HUGE selection of completely free notebook and lapbook printables. She has generic notebooking pages that you can use for any subject, and she has lots of great pages to print specifically for Art, Holidays, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science, and Social Studies! I’m excited to have found this site and we will definitely be incorporating several of these printables into our curriculum this year! Jimmie also is the creator of the image at the top of this post with all of the great lapbooks and has graciously shared the image for anyone to use through her flickr account (which you should go check out because she puts a lot of great ideas there!)

Highland Heritage Homeschool

The mom behind Highland Heritage Homeschool will explain a little more about lapbooking and will show you what will work for organizing a lapbook that isn’t finished in a day. She will also give you some links at the bottom, but most of them are outdated, as I found out. One of the links, though, is of an example lapbook, made by her daughter. She also has a page for getting ideas about other kinds of books students can make.

Now that you have an idea what Lapbooking and Notebooking are all about, I’ll share some resources for making your own without paying for downloads. Some of the links are for places that sell lapbooks, but I will tell you where to look for the freebies.  🙂


CurrClick is one of my favorite websites for getting good-quality freebies for downloading. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. If you search for “Lapbook” in their search bar, you will find some very reasonably priced items. If you then select the results to be sorted by price, the free ones should be at the top. There are many, many resources on this site to download for lapbooking and notebooking!

Homeschool Helper Online

Homeschool Helper Online has several links for resources for Lapbooks, Notebooks, Unit Studies, and other homeschool help links. I found quite a few I’d like to try soon. They have a good variety of topics from preschool up to high school.

Homeschool Share

Homeschool Share provides several free lapbooks, along with a plethora of resources for making your own to suit your needs for whatever project you have. There is also a well-maintained blog where the author welcomes us to look into their homeschool and share the progress of using lapbooks and notebooks in a fun way.

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Homeschooling on a Shoestring will give you three videos with details on how to assemble lapbooks in various ways. This bottom of the page is full of links, and many of them are still valid.

Hands of a Child

Hands of a Child almost always has a free download. It changes often, though, so don’t wait to get the freebie. They also have a yahoo group to help parents and teachers learn how to use lapbooks and Hands of a Child resources effectively. There are actually several lapbooking yahoo and google groups. Just do a search if you are interested in joining one.

I hope you will have some fun with this!

And if you’re a blogger who has a link to a free lapbook or notebook pages that you created for other homeschoolers to use feel free to leave the link in the comments below!  🙂

If you’re willing to spend a few bucks to make sure you’re getting the most out of notebooking, then check out this awesome Notebooking ebook by Jimmie Lanley!  Not only is it just $6.79, but you’ll get three FREE bonuses with it!  Click here to check it out!

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  1. Rachel, Thank you for sharing Homeschool Mosaics! I love working with this amazing group of writers…who desire to encourage others who are Homeschooling….YOU are a blessing to many….

    • Thanks Rebecca!! I have been so encouraged by you and your site! Thanks so much for all of the encouragement that you freely give to other homeschoolers on a daily basis!

    • I like lapbooks, but like you, I only do them occasionally. My kids LOVE them, but I’m not crazy about a lot of prep work for school! However, I do notice that they remember what they learned, and they like to go back and read the lapbook again. For my 3 year old, I am working on one that has little matching card games and other re-usable activities so it lasts awhile. It’s on dinosaurs, of course. I’ll post it on my blog when it’s finished. Thanks for sharing![]

  2. Great resource! I have a variety of free lapbooks and notebooking pages on my blog.

  3. Don’t forget to check on It is a free file sharing platform where many home schoolers share free notebook pages and lapbooks they have created. I also have a number of freebies on my blog:




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