HUGE List Of VIRTUAL Field Trips Your Kids Can Take From Home!

Online FREE Virtual Field Trips!

With the shutdown of schools across the country (and world), pretty much everyone is now homeschooling in one way or another. Whether you normally do public, private, or home schooling, everyone has been affected by the inability to do one of our kids’ favorite school activities: field trips.

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So either voluntarily or due to circumstances, we’re all homeschooling right now. For those who are not used to homeschooling, we want you to know that there are a plethora of ways to homeschool that will greatly aid you in your new journey. And fortunately, you can also add field trips to your list of homeschool activities! How?

Virtual field trips!

From virtual trips to the zoo (including live animal and sea life cams!), national parks, space museums, and even a field trips to Mars, there are an amazing amount of online field trips you can take your family on right from home!

Here is a list of some of the best online virtual field trips available. Please let us know if you know of any other great ones that are not on this list and please share this post with any friends you think may be interested!

And be sure to bookmark this page and check back as we will be updating this list over time.

How to use Essential Oils!

Click here to learn more about essential oils!!

If you’ve been considering essential oils be sure to check out this great post on How to Use Essential Oils to guide you in your journey!

Outer Space

Why not visit another world from the comfort of your home? With these interactive virtual tours, you can explore the galaxy and even take a trip to the International Space Station!

  • Interactive Mars Virtual Tour – NASA has teamed up with Google to create an interactive Mars virtual tour using the data collected from the Mars Curiosity Rover launched in 2011. Learn about the Curiosity mission, click around the terrain to move the Rover across the surface, and travel to different mission sites.
  • International Space Station – NASA – NASA has provided videos that allow you to tour the ISS with the astronauts on board.
  • International Space Station – ESA – The European Space Agency has also provided a guided 3D tour of the International Space Station.
  • 3D Mekanlar Virtual Sites in Space – 3D interactive tours of several our space destinations including Saturn, Jupiter, the International Space Station, Neptune and Triton, and more
  • US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL – Take a look at the Saturn 5 Rocket and more on this virtual field trip at the US Space and Rocket Center.

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National Parks

Yellowstone National Park actually has SEVEN different virtual tours available that would make for great virtual field trips.

  • Fort Yellowstone
  • Fountain Paint Pot
  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
  • Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Mud Volcano
  • Norris Geyser Basin
  • Yellowstone in 3-D

Yosemite National Park has an incredible interactive virtual tour available of many areas of the park including:

  • Diving Board
  • Tolumne Meadows
  • Nevada Falls
  • Ahwahnee Hotel
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Hetch Hetchy

Live Animal Cameras

This is a fun way to see what’s going on at the zoo LIVE without going to the zoo! Check out these live animals cams from several different zoos as a fun way to observe wildlife from home.

Farm Tours

Farm Food 360 has ELEVEN different tours of various aspects of farming to give you a unique look into the world of farming. Here are the tours they offer:

  • Milk and Cheese
  • Dairy Cow Farms
  • Grain Farms
  • Sheep Farm
  • Mink Farm
  • Egg Farm
  • Egg Processing Facilities
  • Canadian Feed Mill
  • Oat Farm and Processing
  • Apple Orchard
  • Pig Farm

Art, History, and Science Museums

There are several amazing art museums from around the world that offer all kinds of free virtual tours!

Art Museums:

Science and History Museums:

Around the World in ZERO Days!

It’s pretty clear right now that traveling the world is just something none of us are able to do. But don’t let that stop you from visiting your favorite destinations with these virtual tours of famous and exotic locations around the world!

    • The Great Wall of China – If you want to visit the Great Wall be sure to check out China Guide’s virtual online tour of the Great Wall.
    • Google Maps Instant Street View – Type in pretty much anywhere you want in the Instant Street View search box, choose the “Street View” icon to the right of the search box, and go anywhere you want.
    • Castles Around the World – 3D Mekanlar has castles you can virtually explore all over the world including Bayern, Alexandria, and Jerusalem.
    • Towers Around the World – 3D Mekanlar has virtual tours of towers all over the world including the Eiffel Tower, Kuwait Towers, and Atomium Tower of Brussels.

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How To Get FREE 30 Days To BrainPop!

My kids absolutely LOVE BrainPop and I’m so excited to share that BrainPop is offering all of their programs for FREE for 30 days to help students and families affected by school closings!

BrainPop has videos for STEM, Social Studies, English, Health, Arts & Music, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and Reading & Writing. They also have BrainPop Español AND apps to go along with it all!

It really is a great daily educational supplement for any homeschooling family!

To get the free 30 days (while it lasts), just click here to sign up. You don’t even need to enter any payment info for the 30 days free. 🙂

450+ FREE Online Educational Resources {Due To School Closings}

Many schools across the country are now closed for the next few weeks, if not longer, and parents are looking everywhere online to find educational activities for their kids.

There are several websites that we’ve posted about here on How To Homeschool For Free previously that are still GREAT options (and some of my favorites), but the people over at Amazing Educational Resources have a spreadsheet that is continually updated with new companies that are responding to school closures with free educational resources for teachers and parents.

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You can find this spreadsheet by clicking here.

You can also check out MORE completely free resources for the following subjects by clicking on the links below. PLUS, take a look at the menu bar at the top of the page for even more subcategories!

Free FULL CURRICULUM options for all ages

Free Homeschooling Resources for Math

Free Homeschooling Resources for Science

Free Homeschooling Resources for Language Arts

Free Homeschooling Resources for Bible

Free Homeschooling Resources for Government

Free Homeschooling Resources for Geography

Free Homeschooling Resources for History

Free Homeschooling Resources for Penmanship/Handwriting

Free Homeschooling Resources for Preschool

Free Homeschooling Resources for Reading

Free Homeschooling Resources for Spelling

Free Homeschooling Resources for Physical Education

Free Homeschooling Resources for Art

Free Homeschooling Resources for Computers, Tech, and Typing

Free Homeschooling Resources for Music

How To Homeschool For Free – Support Group
Private group · 6 members

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Welcome to the How To Homeschool For Free Support Group! This group is for ENCOURAGEMENT and SUPPORT in finding free (or inexpensive) homeschool resou…

Free Online Assessment Tests!

Before I go through the free test-taking resources available online, let me say that I’m an “unschooler” at heart.  I love learning to be just a regular part of life and I think that most gaps in a homeschool education can be taken care of pretty easily.

But there are certain subjects that I do like to test in each year, like math and reading.  The kids don’t know that it’s a “test” (especially when they are younger) but it gives me a tool for finding any gaps in those subjects that I need to take care of.

If you do opt for a test that gives scores, know that not all scores are completely accurate and are not the final say in grade level (if you even do grade levels). Keep in mind as you administer a test that a lower test score does not mean that your child is “behind” or that you have not done an awesome job as a teacher – these are just tools for finding any gaps in the areas that you want to be sure to cover.

State Testing


EdInformatics provides a list of states with assessments and benchmark tests available online (keep in mind that different states have different standards)

Please note that these tests may be aligned with Common Core Standards.


Internet4Classrooms has a simple way to find an assessment to meet your needs. When you arrive on the page linked here, you will be asked for information but most are optional. You simply click on the grade level or subject you are interested in testing. There is a wide variety of tests available here for printing as well.

Academic Benchmarks

Academic Benchmarks will give you the state guidelines for different grade levels.

Curious about your state’s requirements? Read all about them here.

Secondary and College Testing

If you want to give your child a preview of the SAT visit Test Prep Preview or Test Prep Practice. Both websites offer free testing samples which include the GRE, Vocational Exams, Law School LSAT, and many more. Check out these great resources for practice ACT and SAT tests.

Curriculum Placement Tests

Taking Curriculum Placement Tests is another way to find any gaps in your homeschool academics (these are what I typically use). Several curriculum companies offer free diagnostic and testing tools for your use. Even if you have to register to take the test, you are not obligated to buy the curriculum at all.


Sonlight provides Horizons Math readiness tests.  You will also find tests for Teaching Textbooks, Singapore Math, and Saxon. Once you have your student take the test, look at the results to see where gaps.

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth tests are intended to assess end of year mastery.   The tests group the questions by topic, so it is easy to find any gaps in understanding. Let us know in the comments if there are any other assessment testing resources that you like!


Lifepac homeschool curriculum features workbooks that are student-paced for Kindergarten through 12th Grade. They offer curriculum for Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, History, and more! There are free printable placement tests for Bible, History/Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science covering Grades 1-8 and 7-12.

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Tax Free Weekend 2017 – A State By State Guide

Tax Free Weekend For Each State - Shop Without Paying Taxes!

Each year, several states across the U.S. have a Tax Free Weekend where you can buy clothing, school supplies, and sometimes computers and other items without paying any state sales tax!

Here is the list for Tax Free Weekends for last year. We’ll have the 2017 updated list as soon as the dates become available:

Alabama – August 5-7
Arkansas – August 6-7
Connecticut – August 21-27
Florida – August 5-7
Georgia – July 30-31
Iowa – August 5-6
Louisiana – August 5-6
Maryland – August 14-20
Mississippi – July 29-30
Missouri – August 5-7
New Mexico – August 5-7
Ohio – August 5-7
Oklahoma – August 5-7
South Carolina – August 5-7
Tennessee – July 29-31
Texas – August 5-7
Virginia – August 5-7

You can click on each state above to read more about the guidelines for that state.

Make the most of your state’s tax free weekend by combining it with the best back to school sales! Just click on a store below to see the sales for the current week:

Staples Back To School Weekly Deals

OfficeMax/Office Depot Back To School Deals

Target Back To School Deals

Walgreens Back To School Deals

CVS Back To School Deals

Rite Aid Back To School Deals

Find even Back to School Deals at your favorite stores!


Several states have a tax free weekend where you can get clothes, shoes, and sometimes electronics without paying any tax!  Find the dates here!

5 FREE Homeschool Planners from The Old Schoolhouse!


The Old Schoolhouse is offering all 5 of their 2014 – 2015 homeschool planners ($125 value) completely FREE!

And HURRY!!  This free coupon code is only available from Educents until the end of August!

Here’s how to get the free planners:

1.  Go to Educents by clicking HERE.

2.  Add the coupon for the free planners  to your shopping cart.  (You won’t need to provide payment info).

3.  The page after you check out will show your order number on it.  Click on the order number.  That will give you access to your coupon code for ordering the planners.  Copy the code to your clipboard.  If you can’t do it that way, wait for the email that Educents will send with your coupon code.

4.  Once you have the coupon code, go to The Old Schoolhouse Store and find the planners. The free ones are the digital printable planners.  There are 5 of them.  Add all or some of them to your cart and go to checkout.  Apply the coupon code in the appropriate box and complete  your checkout.  Make sure your total is $0.00 before you check out!

5.  After completing the order, go to your account to download the planners.  There should be instructions on the website for you.

Don’t forget that The Old Schoolhouse offers their magazine for free online or with their free app!

Free Eric Carle Printable Activities!

FUN and FREE Ericl Carle printable activity sheets!



This offer is no longer available, but there are some amazing printable resources at How To Homeschool For Free that you can check out right here!


Are you looking for some free and fun printable activities for your kids?

There are several great printable activity sheets here over at Random House Kids to download for free to go along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!


Free Art Lessons Using Chalk Pastels!

FREE art lessons in chalk pastels from Southern Hodge Podge! She makes it so easy!

There are several completely free art lessons from Tricia Hodges using chalk pastels on Youtube! I’ve embedded the video on how to draw an umbrella beach scene below, but if you click on Tricia’s YouTube page here then you can see 10 more short lessons that she has put together!

These video lessons are made to go along with the Chalk Pastel lesson books that Tricia has over at Southern Hodge Podge. There are lots of options, so be sure to scroll through everything that’s available here!

Free Memory Verse Puzzles for Scripture Memorization

Free memory verse velcro puzzles

Playing memory games is an excellent way to cement what your kids are learning in their homeschool!  Here’s a great freebie to help with scripture memorization.

Adventures in Mommydom is offering free printable memory verse puzzles.  Just add velcro strips to card stock paper or to laminated paper and have your kids put the words in order.

Click Here To Get The Printable Memory Verse Puzzles (includes 12 verses)

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