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As the school year winds down and summer approaches, us homeschooling families are gearing up for a season with a *bit* more relaxation, exploration, but also continued learning, even if at a slower pace. Whether you’ll be going on a long road trip or simply looking for ways to enrich your homeschooling curriculum, LibriVox is a treasure trove for those wanting great audio books without paying for places like Audible.

What is LibriVox?

LibriVox is a volunteer-driven initiative that offers free audiobooks of public domain works. LibriVox has a huge collection of audiobooks narrated by volunteers from around the world. Founded on the principle of making knowledge and literature accessible to all, LibriVox is a valuable resource for homeschooling families seeking to cultivate a love for reading and learning.

There are a TON of great titles on Librivox, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, The Adventures of Pinnochio, and SO may more.

There are several genres available on Librivox as well, from classic literature to children’s literature, history and biography, and even philosophy and religion.

You can head over to Librovox HERE to see all of the amazing works available for free!

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