Free Insect Nature Study Printable

Free Insect Nature Study

As a homeschooler, the world is your classroom!  Since you don’t have to be confined to the indoors you can definitely benefit by getting out and having a nature study.  What better way to study nature than to have an Insect Nature Study?  You can even do this a few times per year, studying different insects during different seasons for a wonderful learning experience.  I found this great free Insect Nature Study from Homeschool Creations that I want to let you guys know about.  It has tons of resources you can use for your study such as the following:

  • Nature walk counting sheet
  • Backyard Insect counting
  • Insect scavenger hunt
  • and more…

Free Insect Nature Study

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Free Preschool Music Learning Pack

Free Preschool Music Pack

Are you wanting to add a little music instruction for your preschooler?  If so you will want to check out these really cute Preschool Music Learning Packs from Year Round Homeschooling.  You will find handwriting practice as well as basic theory in these printables.  You will just need to sign up for her newsletter to get this set.  Go here to get your FREE Preschool Music Learning Pack.

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Free Reading List by Grade

Free Reading Lists

One of the best ways to learn about language is to just read good books.  Reading has so many benefits such as improving vocabulary and brain training.  Even in today’s digital age, there is still something special and beneficial about picking up a book and reading through its pages.  If you are in search of a reading list for your students for free reading or assigned reading then look no further.  Kim from Not Consumed has us covered.  You can go here to download a FREE Printable list of books organized by grade level.  You’ll just need to sign up for her mailing list, and then you’ll be able to download the list.

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Free ASL Video Lessons

ASL Sign Language

Did you know that in some states Sign Language can count as a foreign language credit for high school?  That is only one of the nice benefits of knowing sign language.  It can definitely come in handy at church, during mission work, in the job field, and more!  Give your students a good head start in sign language with the free ASL resources you will find on

Life Print contains a self-study schedule you can use as a guide.  Just begin with lesson one, watch the videos, complete the milestones and the quizzes, & you’ll be on your way to learning ASL!

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Free Human Body Lapbook

Free Human Body Lapbook

Are you teaching about Human Anatomy in your homeschool?  Lapbooks are a great way to add some fun to your lessons.  Over at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool plus you will find a really nice FREE Human Body Lapbook!  It contains several different free clip-art organs, mini books, and other fill-in-the-blank activities to include in your lapbook.

Human Body Lapbook

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Free Preschool Bible Learning Packs

Free Preschool Bible printables

This is such a great resource for FREE Preschool Bible Learning Printables!  On Mary Martha Mama, you will find several nice printable packs for learning about Biblical accounts with preschoolers.  They have Creation, Moses, The Exodus, Adam & Eve, Easter, Christmas, and more printables!

Free Preschool Bible Printables

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Free Drawing Activity Book

Free Drawing Book

Art is one of those subject that often seems to fall by the wayside in many homeschools.  It often gives way to subjects like math and language arts.  However, artistic expression can be a wonderful addition to your school.  Making time for art a few times per week can help your kiddos express themselves in a fun and interesting way.  Check out this free drawing activity book that will help you with that!

Free Drawing Book

Free Drawing for Kids is perfect for students of age 4 – 18 and even adults who feel that they can’t draw very well.  It contains exercises which will help build confidence and skill in drawing using letters, numbers, and words.  Download the free Drawing for Kids book here.

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Free CompTIA A+ Training

Free Aplus Training

Is your Middle or High schooler technically minded?  If so you will want to look into the CompTIA A+ Certification program.  The CompTIA A+ Certification can provide credentials for a job in Technical Support, Field Service, IT Support and more!

If this is of interest to you then you will definitely want to check out this FREE CompTIA A+ Certification Online Training from Cybrary!  You will need to create an account on the Cybrary site, and then you will be able to access the class videos.

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Free Printable Cursive Worksheets

Free Cursive Writing Printables

Cursive is a great thing to teach your students!  So many schools are no longer teaching cursive, and beautiful handwriting is a slowly dying art.  If you are wanting to teach cursive in your homeschool you will definitely want to check out the Printable Cursive page.  You will find this awesome series called First Year Cursive which is over 130 pages of cursive practice with three different font choices for those just beginning to use cursive.

First Year Cursive

There are also theme based copywork pages for subjects such as Egyptian history, Bible Verses, Big Cities and Landmarks, Famous Quotes, Explorers, Endangered Plants, Review sheets and much more!

Cursive Practicecursivequotes

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How to Tie Knots Free Lessons

How To Tie Knots

One of the nice benefits of homeschooling is getting to spend lots of time learning practical skills.  You never know when you will need to tie a know whether it is for fishing, survival, or some other fun adventure!

This How To Tie Knots web site has some great instructions and illustration on how to tie tons of different types of knots.  Here is just an example of some of the knots they show you.  You click the type of knot you want to learn and there is a step by step image tutorial showing you how to do it.

How To Tie Knots

Go here for instructions on How To Tie Knots.

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