Tax Free Weekend 2016 – A State By State Guide

Tax Free Weekend For Each State - Shop Without Paying Taxes!

Each year, several states across the U.S. have a Tax Free Weekend where you can buy clothing, school supplies, and sometimes computers and other items without paying any state sales tax! Here is the list for Tax Free Weekends In 2016:

Alabama – August 5-7
Arkansas – August 6-7
Connecticut – August 21-27
Florida – August 5-7
Georgia – July 30-31
Iowa – August 5-6
Louisiana – August 5-6
Maryland – August 14-20
Mississippi – July 29-30
Missouri – August 5-7
New Mexico – August 5-7
Ohio – August 5-7
Oklahoma – August 5-7
South Carolina – August 5-7
Tennessee – July 29-31
Texas – August 5-7
Virginia – August 5-7

You can click on each state above to read more about the guidelines for that state.

Make the most of your state’s tax free weekend by combining it with the best back to school sales! Just click on a store below to see the sales for the current week:

Staples Back To School Weekly Deals

OfficeMax/Office Depot Back To School Deals

Target Back To School Deals

Walgreens Back To School Deals

CVS Back To School Deals

Rite Aid Back To School Deals

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Free Printable Multiplication Checkers Game!

Multiplication Checkers

Do your students need to practice their multiplication skills?  Make it fun with this FREE Printable Multiplication Math Checkers Game from Teach Beside Me!  She has a free printable board with the problems already on them.  You can also find instructions on making it from your own checkers board.

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Free Foreign Language Learning System

Free Foreign Language Learning

I am so excited to find this free gem!  Have you been wanting to introduce or re-inforce foreign language learning into your homeschool?  If so you will definitely want to check out Duolingo!  Duolingo is a free online foreign language learning system.   It has several different languages to choose from such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and many more!

Duolingo reminds me alot of the Rosetta Stone program.  The way it uses audio visual methodology is really similar.  The lessons are interactive, self-grading, and are tailored somewhat to your student. So fun!

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Free Chronicles of Narnia Learning Resources

Chronicles of Narnia Learning Resources

Are you reading The Chronicles of Narnia this year in your homeschool?  If so you will definitely want to check out this FREE list of Chronicles of Narnia Resources from Homeschool Giveaways for your study!  Following are some of the things you will find on the list:

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Free Printable Horses Lapbook


Do you have a student who love horses?  Make it a learning experience with this fun FREE All About Horses Lapbook!  This nice freebie includes Word Search, Notebooking Pages, Book studies, Label the Horse Worksheets, and more!

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Free Printable Mini Books for Young Readers


New readers are usually always looking for more material to get their hands on and read.  We love to use Bob Books, Nora Gaydos Readers, and other books from the library.  Thanks to reader, Alesia, for sharing another great resource for young readers.  At you can print more than 12 easy reader mini books all for FREE.  These are really cute!  Some of the options are as follows:

Printable Mountain Animals Mini Book

Printable Desert Animals Mini Book

Nursery Rhymes Numbers 1-3

and more…

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Free Writing Help – How To Be A Storyteller

Free Writing Help

Do you have a student who loves to write?  How about one who might like to write if they had the right training?  Karissa from Writing For Storytellers has put together a really nice free resource for writing students.  In Writing for Storytellers you will find tons of information about writing such as plot development, Theme exercises, word banks and more.

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Free Ice Cream Place Value Match Game

Ice Cream Math

Are you going over place value in your lessons right now or planning to soon? This fun free Ice Cream Place Value Math printable from 123Homechool4Me looks like a really fun game to play and practice this concept!  It uses base 10 blocks concepts and a matching game to teach students all about place value.

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Free Online Spelling & Vocabulary Program by Grade

Free Spelling & Vocabulary by Grade

If you are looking for a free and easy to use spelling curriculum you will definitely want to check out this freebie from Grade  They have a free spelling and vocabulary curriculum by grade for 1st – 8th grade.  You’ll find the following to go with each lesson:

Crossword Puzzles

Word Practice Only

Online Games

Spelling Test

Flash Cards


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Free Online Art Lessons and Tutorials

Free Art Lessons

Looking for more art instruction for your homeschool?  I found these really nice Free Art Lessons online  It appears that they have live classes and self paced classes.  With the self-paced classes you just click the class you want, enter your email information, and you will receive a link to all the videos for your chosen class.  I looked through one of them this week, and they look fabulous!!  Click one of the links below to access the lessons.

Free Art Week Class (Live in July and FREE as self paced after that)
Free 6 Week art Class here
Free Online Tutorials & Drawing assignments

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