FREE Printable Multiplication Practice Sheet For Numbers 3 – 12! {100 Problems}

Here is a FREE printable multiplication practice sheet for problems 3-12!!
My mom (who was a public school math teacher for many years) has always encouraged me to really focus on having the kids memorize all of their math facts, and for them to be able to do them FAST!  She taught Jr. High math and would have kids who had no problem learning the concepts of Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, but who would make several mistakes simply because they didn’t have their multiplication and division facts down.

Here is a FREE printable multiplication practice sheet for numbers 3-12!!

I love sharing the printable worksheets that I make for the kids with you guys, so if you would like to print this practice sheet for your kids (or for YOU – some of us parents likely need some extra practice here!) then just click the link below to download the pdf!  🙂

Click here to download the PDF of the 100 Practice Problems!

Also, if you don’t want to have to print out a new sheet every day, I am IN LOVE with my Scotch Laminator that my husband got me for Christmas!  We use dry-erase markers on the sheet to do the daily practice and it has worked out great!

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