Math Games for All Ages!

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We are always on the lookout for everyday activities that can reinforce what we are teaching. And these math games are some really fun options! Skills honed in these games range from basic math facts and logical reasoning to probability and chance and visual perception. Plus, the incentive to win goes a long way, at least in our house!

For even more fun math games and activities, check out this Free Ice Cream Place Value Match Game and 10 Ways To Learn With LEGO! And if you’re looking for math games for your device, there are a bunch of really good options here.

Here are our favorites!

Chess. It’s a classic. Need I say more? This fun travel version makes it easy to play on the go!

Sum Swamp. Race through the swamp while facing math challenges and meeting funny swamp creatures along the way!

Tri-Facta.  It’s more of a fun way to practice math than it is a family game night resource. But if your kids enjoy practicing math facts in a new and interesting way, or if you just need a new way to help them master math, this is a good option. There is also a multiplication and division version!

Payday. Most any money exchanging board game is reinforcing math and there is plenty of money math going on in this one, so it definitely counts as school. (yep, I just said that)

Head Full Of Numbers. Roll the different sets of dice and set the timer, then record the different combinations of equations you can make using those numbers. This game incorporates addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to accommodate varying levels of skill.

Skyjo. This one has enough chance involved that younger kids can feel capable of winning and there is enough fun to keep older ones engaged.

Even Steven’s Odd. Test your addition and subtraction speed while trying to beat your opponents to complete the required roll. There are two levels of challenge to this one so you are sure to keep your kids engaged.

Prime Climb. This game is a great way to reinforce basic math facts for all four operations. The twist that comes when you land on a prime number and get to draw a prime card keeps the game interesting for everyone.

Absolute Zero Card Game. This one was created by a middle school math teacher to reinforce math facts with integers. The score at the end of a round is calculated using absolute value, another important concept to reinforce with teens

Colorku. This color-based version of Soduko game is played by all ages because various levels of challenge are included.

Blokus. This classic game can be understood by younger children but the skilled play really takes shape in the tween and teen years. You can play with up to four players, which is definitely the most challenging way to play.

Set. This is a classic game of Visual Perception that you can play solo or with others. Playing by yourself gives you time to improve your skills without the time pressure. Adding competitors is more challenging but it can be tough if everyone’s skill level isn’t somewhat equivalent.

Blink. You can begin playing this one when your kids are younger, though their skills and speed will really kick in when they get older.

Yahtzee. Another classic you can’t really go wrong with!

Quixx. You can play a full game in around twenty minutes, which makes it perfect for evenings when the family is lounging around.

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