10 Ways to Learn with LEGO

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Who doesn’t love legos? These popular building bricks have become a staple childhood plaything in most homes. If you have young children, chances are your house is right in the middle of the lego-mania years, with entire spaces dedicated to various colored brick construction sites! If your house is anything like ours, you have bins of unloved legos, stacked in the dark recesses of your playroom. They were expensive, so I just can’t justify getting rid of them, but the kids don’t really play them much these days. Luckily, some super-smart folks have provided an educational use for all those lonely legos!

Check out these super fun ways to learn with legos!

LEGO Magnet Maze

This LEGO magnet maze is a fun and easy way to learn about magnet strength and it’s customizable with so many different variations to try! Don’t have any magnets lying around? You can get some here!

LEGO Engineering Sensory Bin

For this LEGO engineering sensory bin, put legos in a sensory bin for kids to find and then sort before building the item. This is another super customizable activity that can be made simple for younger learners and more challenging for older ones.

Surface Tension Experiment

Explore surface tension with LEGOs. We’ve all seen the experiment that explains germs using pepper in a bowl of water and a finger dipped in soap. Well, this is a variation of that same concept, using lego pieces!

Lego Bridge Challenge

Make physics fun with these neat bridge-building ideas that help kids realize weight distribution, balance, and structural integrity.

Balloon Powered LEGO Car

I love this balloon powered LEGO car! Measure how fast it can go. See if it will go up an incline. What adjustments can be made to make it go farther and faster? The possibilities here and endless!

LEGO Zipline

This LEGO zip line looks like so much fun, especially if you have stairs!

LEGO Marble Maze

This fun marble maze is great for younger kids and allows for endless creativity.

LEGO Wind Racers Challenge

These LEGO challenge wind racers look like so much fun! You could even have a tournament with different courses to make it more challenging!

LEGO Monsters

This feed the LEGO monsters sorting game is perfect for preschoolers to hone their color and shape sorting skills!

Lava Slime for LEGOs

Make your own molten lava slime for your brave LEGO characters to battle over! This would also be great for any dinosaur or dragon playsets your kids have!

These are just a few of the ideas you can find to use legos for learning. Happy building! Now excuse me while I go and dig out that box of legos for my bridges and wind racers!

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