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Each child is unique. A simple statement, perhaps even cliche, but every parent knows this fundamental truth. Each kid is different, and each kid learns differently. This understanding is one of the reasons many of us choose to homeschool. It’s because the standardization of learning in traditional school settings doesn’t seem sustainable or even particularly suited to success. This is especially true when a child struggles with a learning disability. They can feel as if they “just don’t fit”. But a beautiful truth of parenting is that no one understands our kids better than we do. We know what kind of learners they are and what they struggle with. We understand their specific needs better than anyone. Luckily, these days with all the amazing improvements in technology, there are so many great resources, intervention programs and learning tools to help these kids excel and reach their potential.

We’ve collected some apps on the two most prominent platforms, designed to help kids with specific needs. Sometimes learning challenges tend to overlap so there is not any right or wrong answer. What you really want is several apps that help your child in different areas so they get a holistic learning opportunity. You will see how beneficial many of these apps are no matter what learning challenges your child is struggling with.

A word about screen time and sleep

Before listing resources, it’s important to note that too much screen time can be counterproductive for your child. Physical literacy and movement have been shown to help regulate children’s emotions, reduce anxiety, and help them focus better during instruction time. The combination of the two will help your child improve in all areas of learning.

You will also want your child to turn off their screens at least one hour before bedtime. Some phycologists have said the blue light from devices can actually prevent children from getting a good night’s sleep so they aren’t at their top performance the next day. Adequate sleep is vital for growing brains!

Apps for Dyslexic Learners

Omaguru, dyslexic friendly reader, free on Google Play

DD’s Dictionary free in the App Store

Dyslexia,ai, tools and games for dyslexic students, free on Google Play

Happy Math Multiplication Rhymes free in the App Store

Read 2 Me Free on Google Play

Learning Ally Audiobooks, free on Google Play

Soundsliteracy 3.99 in the App Store

Dyslexia Quest 9.99 in the App Store

Read2Go 19.99 in the App Store

Phonics with a phonogram 2.99 in the App Store


Apps for Autistic Learners

Autism iHelp-Play, free in the App Store

Jab Talk, free on Google Play

Sequence It free in the App Store

Sesame Street and Autism, free on Google Play

See. Touch. Learn. Free in the App Store

Autism Speech Sequencing ZApps 1.0 free on Google Play

Sight Words Adventure App, 2.99 in the App Store

Alexicom AAC, free on Google Play

Verbal Me, 6.99 in the App Store

Quick Talk AAC, 24.99 on Google Play


Apps for the Visually Impaired

Dragon Dictation, free in the App Store

Free Talking Calculator, free on Google Play

Light Detector, free in the App Store

Color ID, free on Google Play

Tap Tap See, free in the App Store and on Google Play

Be My Eyes, free in the App Store and on Google Play

Braille, free on Google Play

Text to Speech, free in the App Store

Google Text to Speech, free on Google Play

Talking Calculator, 1.99 in the App Store


Apps for Learners with Writing Disabilities

Writing Wizard, free on Google Play

Letter School, free in the App Store

Easy Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Aid, free on Google Play

The Writing Machine .99 in the App Store

iWriteWords, 2.99 in the App Store

Word Magic .99 in the App Store


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