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Can you remember your first writing book? Those dotted lines and large margins? Oh, happy nostalgia. I chose the dry erase versions for my kids when they were learning and they loved erasing best of all! Thanks to the internet, homeschool resources are vast and accessible, and handwriting printables are plenty! And, you can easily make a printed piece of paper reusable, by putting it inside a sheet protector and using dry erase markers!

Pre-writing Practice

Little learners are still mastering hand-eye coordination, so fun activities like tracing lines and shapes are a great place to start! These Pre-Writing Practice Worksheets are perfect for getting those lines just right!

Once they know the fundamentals, they can move on to forming letters and numbers! You can find over 200 Free Handwriting Worksheets here to keep them learning.


A great way to reinforce handwriting skills is to copy common words for recognition. These Handwriting Worksheets are a great start!


For learning letter formation, check out these Free Cursive Handwriting Worksheets!
And once they have mastered their letters, they can move on to writing words and sentences with these Cursive Handwriting Printables!

Sloppy writing? Try this Sloppy Handwriting Quick Fix!

Happy handwriting!

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