Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style!

If conflicts occur with curriculum it may be a wrong fit for your child’s learning style.  Understanding your child’s learning style aids you in teaching effectively and finding the proper materials.

Homeschool Christian

Homeschool Christian presents three basic categories of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. You will read that most young children are kinesthetic because the visual and auditory skills are underdeveloped. As children get older, you can observe and determine a specific learning style.


Sonlight presents a thorough 33 minute webinar on learning styles. From their website – “Do you and your child clash? Are you concerned about homeschooling because your student is just so different from you? You’re not alone! Each student is different and this can prove challenging to teachers. As a homeschooler, however, you have the unique opportunity to find tools that match your student’s unique learning style.”

Tips for studying

Here you will find tips for studying that are specific for 4 categories of learning styles: Kinesthetic, Visual, Audio, and Other Styles. They have a lot of great ideas that you can implement at home to help your children engage in the learning process.


FamilyEducation works to assess your child’s personality so you can use that information to design your homeschool program to suit your child’s strengths. The article is quite detailed and you have to click to continue on to read all 6 sections. It is based on the Myers-Briggs personality typing system, which is widely accepted. “In the Myers-Briggs scheme, there are four basic elements of personality preferences. Each of these preferences is measured on a scale that has two “sides.” Knowing where a person’s tendency resides on each of these scales determines the person’s overall personality type.”

How to Enhance Learning Styles

How to Enhance Learning Styles provides a visual to help you understand how to enhance your children’s learning style.

We hope this helps you better understand your children’s learning styles so you can be better equipped to homeschool your child! Be sure to join our How To Homeschool For Free Support Group for daily encouragement and more great resources for your homeschooling journey!

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