FREE Random 300 Math Flash Cards (Wonderful Mathematics Series) [Kindle Edition]

UPDATE:  It looks like the price has gone back up to $4.99.  Hopefully they will offer it again soon!

Right now you can get Random 300 Math Flash Cards (Wonderful Mathematics Series) for FREE for your Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad (Version 3.1 or greater), Kindle for Android (Version 3.5 or greater)!

From their page on Amazon:

“Random 300 Math Flash Cards (+,-,x,÷)” is a book in Wonderful Mathematics Series. This book includes 300 flash cards of random addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We strongly recommend it for 3-9 years old kids. This book is a perfect choice for those who are learning mathematics and it will surely help your kids to learn better in Mathematics.

Special Features:

– Full Screen Reading; this book is fixed for all readers to read in landscape.
– Random colorful 300 flash cards.
– Interactive pop up answer – There are three problems in each page with colorful background. When you double tab at the answer area, the answer will be shown automatically. Then, just tab on the right hand side of the page the answer of the next problem will be shown. To continue reading on this mode, just keep taping on the right hand side of the book. However, if you don’t want the answer to be shown, just double tab at the shown answer, the answer will be hidden. Also, to continue reading on this mode just tab on the right hand side of the book.
– This book has special format for kindle fire.

Please keep in mind that the prices on Amazon can vary from one minute to the next and I can make no guarantees that the price will be free when you click on the Amazon link below. Let me know in the comments section below if the price changes and I will get the post updated as soon as possible.

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  1. It appears to be $4.99 now. =)

  2. Just so you know – this is no longer free. Price: $4.99. 🙂



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