Top 10 FREE Math Apps For All Ages!

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1. Prodigy Math App


Prodigy Game is available for FREE on iOS, Android and web platforms. It is meant for grades 1-8. This game-based learning program makes learning a fun activity. Premium membership is available.

2. Math Kids App

Targeting ages 6-8, this Android-based app is FREE and has lots of attention grabbing exercises and games to help kids learn the foundation concepts of math. Math Kids is designed to help preschoolers, kindergarteners and 1st graders to learn to identify numbers and start training with addition and subtraction puzzles.

3. SplashLearn – Kids Math Games App

Available for FREE on iOS and online, SplashLearn offers personalized learning paths for students K – 5. The parent/teacher dashboard allows for easy management and real time progress to help you identify problem areas.

4. Twelve A Dozen Math Games App

Available for FREE online and on the App Store, kids 8-12, join the numeric hero, Twelve, on a journey through a universe of numbers. She’s on a mission to rescue her family and the crumbling world of Dozenopolis from the destructive Ultimate Prime.

Kids will use their skills and understanding of core math concepts to solve puzzles.


5. Photomath App

This one has been a life saver for me! Available for FREE on both Android and iOS platforms, Photomath allows you to snap a picture of your math problem, then offers step-by-step instruction, breaking down each concept and giving you the solution. It’s an excellent resource for students of all ages (parents too)

6. Khan Academy App

A staple in many home-school classrooms,  Khan Academy offers video lessons in a variety of subjects to all students. It’s completely FREE and available for Android, iOS and online.

The user-friendly dashboard allows students, parents, and teachers to track progress easily

7. Motion Math App

Available for FREE for iOS, this adaptive game helps students master the most challenging standards from K-6. Instructional math games are based on growth mindset research to help improve math fluency and conceptual understanding.

Once parents sign up and provide students with an access code, they gain access to over 900 levels of adaptive math content.

8.Brainscape Flashcards Math App

Available for FREE on both iOS and Android based platforms, this unique app allows your student to input his or her information and then generates a study plan tailored just for them. Brainscape personalizes the timing of each flashcard repetition, determining the right time to quiz again to optimize memorization.

9. GeometryPad App

FREE for Android and iOS, Geometry Pad allows students to create fundamental geometric shapes, explore and change their properties, and calculate metrics. It even features a compass tool!

10. The Math Learning Center App

Aimed at ages 4-11, this FREE app is found in the App Store and online. Based on the comprehensive PreK–5 curriculum from Bridges in Mathematics, the 11 apps in The Math Learning Center are based on visual models a that equip teachers and parents to fully implement the Common Core State Standards.

Though they aren’t gamified like other math apps in this list, they provide a digital alternative to traditional flashcards and worksheets.

There are so many great resources for free! But if you find your student needs a different approach, there are also some great, low cost options to check out.


11. University of Colorado’s PhET App

Colorado’s University PhET simulations project features animated illustrations that are popular for math and science students in grades K – 12.

Te PhET app is available for $0.99 on Android and iPhone/iPad platforms, but K-12 students can access its PhET simulations online  for FREE to learn mathematical concepts like Projectile Motion, Calculus Grapher, and Arithmetic.

12. Dragon Box Math App

Available for $4.99 on the App Store and Google Play, this Dragon Box is a group of apps that cover numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry and more, for ages 5 and up. According to DragonBox, their method “is a unique approach that uses motivation-based learning techniques to give children a deeper understanding of how and why things work.” They achieve this through helping students engage with, explore, reflect on, and apply what they’re learning and practicing.

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