15 Most Common Grammatical Errors Infographic!

I thought you guys might enjoy this!  I think I might just print this out in color and laminate it for the kids.  🙂

15 Grammar Goofs that Make You Look Silly

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  1. This is GREAT! As a former writer and editor, I was cheering the whole time I read it. 🙂

    • I agree on the fallacy you pointed out; there really is no direct correlation between the use of technology and those who choose to home educate their children. Speaking as someone who was home educated for 18 years of his life, I would actually argue that home schooler’s use LESS technology than more. While yes, the technology could potentially enhance the child’s experience, in many situations parents choose home education because of the frivolous use of technology in the public school systems. Many times government funded schools will beg tax payers for more funding to be able to provide the latest and greatest in learning infrastructure. A seemingly noble appeal that many tax payers fall for.

      In reality, the children need to simply read more of the RIGHT books etc., regardless if they are reading them on an iPad or out of a beat Penguin Classics edition. Not to mention the individual attention home schooling provides allows children to excel in subjects they are gifted in and take more time for topics that may not come as naturally.

      I’ve known countless home educated students who were one, two, even three years ahead in a certain topic; allowing them to take college courses earlier, and gain an competitive advantage on their publicly/privately educated counterparts. The most common counterargument individuals present against home education is the social aspect. If you seclude a child for 18 years, surely they’ll have some sort of irreparable emotional damage because they couldn’t go to prom, play sports, or participate in clubs. This argument honestly just shows a lack of knowledge when it comes to the home schooling community. Anymore, there are home schooling sports (ONLY for home educated students), co-ops, and even debate leagues (ncfca.org).

      While yes, home schooling parents/communities may not have the resources that a tax payer supported institution may possess, home educated children are for the most part not social idiots. Unfortunately, many have developed an unfair stereotype of home schooler’s, thinking them as nerdy and unable to carry on a conversation with an adult. Did I mention they probably don’t have any friends? This is far from the truth, but has resulted in only a few rare instances dictating the public’s view of an entire community. You don’t have to look very far to find just as many, probably more, publicly educated kids incapable of communicating or being socially awkward due to the expected ostracization that comes with attending a school full of your peers.



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