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Top Homeschool Freebies For The Week Of 1/31/14!

Top Educational FREEbies

Here are the top homeschooling FREEbies for this week!  Just click on the underlined link to download or print the freebie.

Groundhog Day Unit Study Resources [2] – Groundhog Day is right around the corner and there are lots of great activities to do with the kids!

Free App Friday [3] – 25 FREE educational apps for kids available TODAY (1/31/14)

Graphing Through The Super Bowl [4] – a printable graph for kids to fill out during the Super Bowl this weekend!

Free BOB Book Printables [5] – Download several FREE worksheets to go with sets 1-5 of Bob Books [6]

WannaBe eBook Series [7] – Christian-based  unit study going over different occupations unit-study – geared towards ages 8-13. Free for a limited time.

Football Fun Free Printables [8] – 15 more great worksheets for the Big Game weekend!

Multiplication Practice Worksheet For Numbers 3-12 [9] – Free printable worksheet for kids to practice their 3-12 multiplication facts

HUGE Winter Olympics Printables Pack [10] – for ages 2-9 and over 120 pages!

ALEKS Math Program [11] – FREE 2-month free trial for homeschoolers!  (Designed for grades 3-12)

Black History Month Calendar Connection Cards [12] – 29 fact cards to learn about 27 African-Americans who have contributed to our country in some incredible ways! (Written for 3rd – 6th grade level)

Homeschooling With Netflix [13] – a great resource on Facebook that lists all of the videos on Netflix that can be used for educational purposes!  If you’re not a member of Netflix then you can try it out for one month for free here [14]!

FREE Children’s Kindle Books [15] – the top 100 completely FREE Kindle Books for kids!

Number Bond Worksheets [16] – use these worksheets to help your kids learn their addition and subtraction fact families!

Free Printable Logical Fallacy Poster [17] – you can print it on your own  printer for free or they can print and mail one for you for $20.

Free Spelling Practice With Spelling City [18] – they have word lists for all grade levels, or you can input your own word list for extra spelling practice!