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Unit Studies Round-Up for Elementary

We love unit studies! I’ve found that they enable us to deep dive into individual interests, while also bringing the whole family together for discussion and sharing discoveries.

So, what is a unit study?

A Unit Study is normally focused on a specific topic and it pulls all the subjects (except math) from the topic. One topic normally doesn’t last the whole year and can be changed monthly, weekly, or daily. You can stay focused on the topic until you feel you’ve covered everything. The workload varies based on your children’s grade level and ability so it’s a natural way to keep the whole family learning together. And there’s much more than just reading and writing! You can make recipes, projects, or even go on field trips that pertain to your topic.

Check out our library of unit studies for elementary-aged kids!

Science and nature

Autumn Unit Study [1]

Gardening Unit Study [2] – great for younger ones

Weather Unit Study [3]

Insect Unit Study [4]

Winter Unit Study [5]



Potato Famine Unit Study [6] – upper elementary to middle school

Medevil History [7]

Davy Crockett [8]


Civics and Geography

US States [9]

World Geography [10]

Elections Unit Study [11]



Chronicle [12]s of Narnia [12]

Boxcar Children [13]

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