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Top Homeschool Freebies For The Week Of 4/25/14

Top Educational FREEbies


Here are the top homeschooling FREEbies for this week!  Just click on the underlined link to download or print the freebie.

Free App Friday [2] – 34 completely free apps on 4/25/14 only!

Online Engineering Games [3] for kids of all ages

Free Letter Sounds App [4] from All About Reading

Free online geography quizzes [5]

Sandbox Puzzle Corner [6] from the AIMS Education Foundation – for grades K – 8/9

Oliver Twist Copywork [7] pages

Free printable mazes [8] (easy, intermediate, challenging, tough, and super tough levels) from KrazyDad!

The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra [9] game from Carnegie Hall

Free Kindle Books For Children [10] – The top 100 completely FREE Kindle Books for kids!

FREE online audiobooks [11] of all kinds

Free beach-themed math worksheets [12] – geared towards 2nd – 4th graders

Free printable school calendar [13] for the 2014 – 2015 school year!

PestWorld for kids [14] to learn about pests and how useful they are in their natural environments