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Top Homeschool Freebies For The Week Of 4/18/14

Top Educational FREEbies


Here are the top homeschooling FREEbies for this week!  Just click on the underlined link to download or print the freebie.

Free App Friday [2] – 15 completely free apps on 4/18/14 only!

FREE Curiosity Files Series [3] from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ($125 value)

Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks [4] – for multiple grade levels

Short Vowel Picture Sorts [5] (for Pre-K – 2nd Grade Students)

Free Kindle Books For Children [6] – The top 100 completely FREE Kindle Books for kids!

Agnitus Learning Program [7] – Free for teachers! Tablet-based learning program with games for students 2-6 years old (available on Kindle, Android, and iOS)

37 Ways To WOW A Math Student [8] – free book from Math Four!

FREE Earth Day Printables [9] for 1st and 2nd Grade

Completely Free Foreign Language Curriculum Options [10] – several different ones for different languages!

FREE 1 month access to A+ Interactive Math Family [11] Math Package

FREE Math Speed Wheel Sheet [12] from Math Essentials

Free Piano Lessons [13] from Zebra Keys