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The Best Games for Homeschoolers

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I love games for homeschooling! Our fun time can also be learning time if we pick the right one. Sure, there are plenty of educational websites and apps for kids, and we’ve found them super helpful over the years. We’ve found some fantastic digital back-up for geography [2] and math [3].

But sometimes it’s nice to turn off the screens and just sit around a board or card game. Some of my favorite childhood memories are playing card games with my family. I play some of those same card games to build memories with my children.  And if a game also happens to reinforce a learning skill or concept, then that’s a double win!

Besides the obvious benefits, playing games together also helps develop and hone social skills, like verbal communication, taking turns, and sharing. Games also help with cognitive and memory development.

This is what you might call a master list of educational games. All ages and skill levels are represented so there’s a little something for everyone.


History and Geography Games


Professor Noggin,s Ancient Civilizations [4]

Timeline 6: American History [5]

Timeline: Inventions [6]

Brainbox: Cities [7]

USA Edition Borderline [8]

10 Days in the USA  [9]

Sequence States and Capitals [10]

Mindware Destination USA [11]

Brainbox: World History [12]

Professor Noggin’s Countries of the World [13]

Brainbox: All Around the World [14]

Geo Puzzle: The World [15]

10 Days in the Americas [16]

Out of the Box 10 days in Asia [17]

Out of the Box 10 Days in Europe [18]

Game Zone Great States Geography  [19]

USA Bingo [20]

Professor Noggin’s Geography of Canada [21]

Geo Bee Challenge Game [22]

Professor Noggins Geography of the United States [23]

Science Games


Professor Noggin’s W0nders of Science [24]

Hit the Habitat Trail [25]

Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game [26]

Dr. Microbe Game [27]

Dr. Beaker Game [28]

Chemistry Fluxx [29]

Food Chain Card Game [30]

Oceans Bingo [31]

Xtronaut Solar System Exploration Game [32]

Ion: A Compound Building Game [33]

Brainbox: Science and Nature [34]

Bird Bingo [35]

Dr. Eureka Game [36]

Professor Noggin’s Outer Space Game [37]

Science Ninja Chemistry [38]

Totally Gross: The Game of Science [39]

Rock On Geology Game [40]

Fossil On Game of Fossils [41]

Melissa and Doug Suspend It Game [42]

Bug Bingo [43]

Math Games


Blokus [44]

Yahtzee [45]

Mastermind for Kids [46]

Chess [47]

Balance Beans [48]

Circuit Maze [49]

No Stress Chess [50]

Cat Stacks [51]

Laser Maze [52]

Pentago Triple Strategy Board Game [53]

Labyrinth Board Game [54]

Gravity Maze [55]

Qwixx [56]

Prime Club [57]

Sum Swamp [58]

Little Treasures Code Breaker Game [59]

I Sea 10 Addition and Subtraction Game [60]

Quirkle [61]

Money Bags Coin Value Game [62]

Smath [63]

Word Games


Pictionary [64]

Scattergories [65]

Wordical [66]

Rhyme Out [67]

Blurt [68]

Pathwords [69]

Word Around [70]

Word on the Street [71]

Taboo [72]

Super Sleuth [73]

Tabletopics: Topics to Start Great Conversations [74]

Boggle [75]

Apples to Apples [76]

Snake Oil Game [77]

Codenames [78]

Story Cubes [79]

Dixit [80]

Bananagrams [81]

Pairs in Pears [82]

Quiddler [83]

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