Dissect A Virtual Frog For FREE!

One of the parts of homeschooling that I’m NOT looking forward to is dissecting animals.

I think that I *could* handle it, but honestly I don’t really want to!

So I was excited to see that there’s a website called Froguts that you can buy a year’s subscription to for as low as $36 per year!

Once you pay, you will have access to a virtual dissection classroom for a frog, a squid, a starfish, a cow eye, an owl pellet, and a fetal pig.  Plus, they have a genetics lab too!

To get a feel for the program you can do a FREE virtual demo dissection of a frog. ┬áThe demo doesn’t have everything that the regular frog lesson has (that you’ll have access to once you pay) but I was really impressed with the amount of information in just the demo… not to mention the high quality!!

This is definitely something to check out!

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