My Top 50 Favorite Homeschooling Quotes! Plato, Twain, C.S. Lewis, Einstein, Luther & More

Here are our top FIFTY homeschooling quotes to help encourage and inspire you on your journey! Plato, Twain, C.S. Lewis, Einstein, and More!

Here are FIFTY great homeschooling quotes to encourage and inspire you to keep moving forward with your passion and desire to direct the education of your children! Some of these quotes have to do with homeschooling specifically while others have to do with education in general but still apply to homeschooling. I hope you enjoy reading these quotes and please feel free to share this post if you love some or all of these great quotes!

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child’s natural bent.”
-Plato, The Republic

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

“I believe that school makes complete fools of our young men, because they see and hear nothing of ordinary life there.”
-Petronius, The Satyricon

“Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing. The rest is mere sheep herding.”
-Ezra Pound

“Education is a system of imposed ignorance.”
-Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.”
-Ivan Illich

“Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.”
-Charlotte M. Mason, An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Education – More Mason

“The plain fact is that education is itself a form of propaganda – a deliberate scheme to outfit the pupil, not with the capacity to weigh ideas, but with a simple appetite for gulping ideas ready-made. The aim is to make ‘good’ citizens, which is to say, docile and uninquisitive citizens.”
-H.L. Mencken

“Homeschooling and public schooling are as opposite as two sides of a coin. In a homeschooling environment, the teacher need not be certified, but the child MUST learn. In a public school environment, the teacher MUST be certified, but the child need NOT learn.”
-Gene Royer

“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men.”
-James Beattie

“You will not reap the fruit of individuality in your children if you clone their education.”
-Marilyn Howshall

“Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
 all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.”
-Julia Ward Howe

“To confuse compulsory schooling with equal educational opportunity is like confusing organized religion with spirituality. One does not necessarily lead to the other. Schooling confuses teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new.”
-Wendy Priesnitz

“I was delighted to see him growing more cautious and skeptical about what he heard, especially when he heard it from someone in apparent authority. I think that is fundamental to a good education. And if it comes back to bite me from time to time, that’s a price worth paying.”
-Martine Millman, Homeschooling: A Family’s Journey

“What’s the matter?” asked the teacher, seeing her bewildered face.

“Why—why,” said Elizabeth Ann, “I don’t know what I am at all. If I’m second-grade arithmetic and seventh-grade reading and third-grade spelling, what grade am I?”

The teacher laughed at the turn of her phrase. “you aren’t any grade at all, no matter where you are in school. You’re just yourself, aren’t you? What difference does it make what grade you’re in! And what’s the use of your reading little baby things too easy for you just because you don’t know your multiplication table?”
-Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Understood Betsy

“As children become increasingly less connected to adults, they rely more and more on each other; the whole natural order of things change. In the natural order of all mammalian cultures, animals or humans, the young stay under the wings of adults until they themselves reach adulthood. Immature creatures were never meant to bring one another to maturity. They were never meant to look to one another for primary nurturing, modelling, cue giving or mentoring. They are not equipped to give one another a sense of direction or values. As a result of today`s shift to this peer orientation, we are seeing the increasing immaturity, alienation, violence and precocious sexualization of North American Youth. The disruption of family life, rapid economic and social changes to human culture and relationships, and the erosion of stable communities are at the core of this shift.”
-Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

“Any child who can spend an hour or two a day, or more if he wants, with adults that he likes, who are interested in the world and like to talk about it, will on most days learn far more from their talk than he would learn in a week of school.”
-John Holt

18, 19.
“We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.”
“The key is to understand that our children don’t belong to us—they belong to God. Our goal as parents must not be limited by our own vision. I am a finite, sinful, selfish man. Why would I want to plan out my children’s future when I can entrust them to the infinite, omnipotent, immutable, sovereign Lord of the universe? I don’t want to tell God what to do with my children—I want Him to tell me!”
-Voddie T. Baucham Jr., Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God

“Children, even when very young, have the capacity for inventive thought and decisive action. They have worthwhile ideas. They make perceptive connections. They’re individuals from the start: a unique bundle of interests, talents, and preferences. They have something to contribute. They want to be a part of things. It’s up to us to give them the opportunity to express their creativity, explore widely, and connect with their own meaningful work.”
-Lori McWilliam Pickert

“Homeschooling will certainly produce some socially awkward adults, but the odds are good they would have been just as quirky had they spent twelve years raising their hand for permission to go to the bathroom.”
-Quinn Cummings

“So you think the best way to prepare kids for the real world is to bus them to a government institution where they’re forced to spend all day isolated with children of their own age and adults who are paid to be with them, placed in classes that are too big to allow more than a few minutes of personal interaction with the teacher-then spend probably an hour or more everyday waiting in lunch lines, car lines, bathroom lines, recess lines, classroom lines, and are forced to progress at the speed of the slowest child in class?”
-Steven James

“I was shocked, however, to discover that homeschooling is not allowed in the Netherlands. I could only imagine that after legalizing pot, prostitution and gambling, they had to outlaw something.”
-Quinn Cummings, The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling

“Many of our elected officials have virtually handed the keys to our schools over to corporate interests. Presidential commissions on education are commonly chaired by the executives of large companies.”
-Alfie Kohn, The Schools Our Children Deserve

“Each of us is born with a crazy passion to learn. Each of us craves knowledge of our world and our place within it. We learn because we want to learn, because it’s important to us, because it’s natural, and because it’s impossible to live in the world and not learn. Then along comes school to mess up a beautiful thing.”
-ps pirro, 101 Reasons Why I Am An Unschooler

“The process of socialization is nowhere near complete at age five or six, when modern children start spending up to half their waking hours taking their cues from other people’s children. Because they accompany their parents’ daily routine, homeschooled kids spend plenty of time interacting with people of all ages, which I think most people would agree is a far more natural, organic way to socialize.”
-Quinn Cummings, The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling

“It is no wonder that Satan hates the family and has hurled his venom against it in the form of Communism.”
-William R. Bowen, American Government in Christian Perspective

“In those days a boy on the classical side officially did almost nothing but classics. I think this was wise; the greatest service we can to education today is to teach few subjects. No one has time to do more than a very few things well before he is twenty, and when we force a boy to be a mediocrity in a dozen subjects we destroy his standards, perhaps for life.”
-C.S. Lewis

“People always understood, sensibly enough, that before you could teach something you had to know it yourself. But only very recently did human beings get the extraordinary notion that in order to be able to teach what you knew you had to spend years being taught how to teach…”
-John Holt

30, 31.
“…you either write your own script or you become an actor in someone else’s…”

“If you put fleas in a shallow container they jump out. But if you put a lid on the container for just a short time, they hit the lid trying to escape and learn quickly not to jump so high. They give up their quest for freedom. After the lid is removed, the fleas remain imprisoned by their own self policing. So it is with life. Most of us let our own fears or the impositions of others imprison us in a world of low expectations.”
-John Taylor Gatto

“All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”
-Walter Scott

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
-Mark Twain

“Nobody rises to low expectations.”
-Calvin Lloyd

“You must pray…without prayer, all the schooling in the world will not produce the effect God wants homeschooling to give.”
-John Hardon

“…we have come to realise that for most men the right to learn is curtailed by the obligation to attend school.”
-Ivan Illich

“A tax supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state.”
-Isabel Patterson, The God of the Machine

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
-John Lubbock

“Great spirits have always been violently oppressed by mediocre minds.”
-Albert Einstein

“He is educated who knows how to find out what he doesn’t know.”
-George Simmel

“He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.”
-Albert Einstein

“I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built upon the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must taught to think. Whereas if the child is left to himself, he will think more and better, if less slowly. Let him come and go freely, let him touch real things and combine his impressions for himself, instead of sitting indoors at a little round table while a sweet-voiced teacher suggest that he build a stone wall with his wooden blocks, or make a rainbow out of strips of colored paper, or plant straw trees in flower pots. Such teaching fills the mind with artificial associations that must be got rid of before the child can develop independent ideas out of actual experiences. ”
-Anne Sullivan

“I am much afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures, and engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which means are not unceasingly occupied with the Word of God must be corrupt.”
-Martin Luther

“I hated school so intensely. It interfered with my freedom. I avoided the discipline by an elaborate technique of being absent-minded during classes.”
-Sigrid Undset, Nobel Laureate

“I have no patience with the stupidity of the average teacher of grammar who wastes precious years in hammering rules into children’s heads. For it is not by learning rules that we acquire the powers of speaking a language, but by daily intercourse with those accustomed to express themselves with exactness and refinement and by copious reading of the best authors.”

“I learned most, not from those who taught me but from those who talked with me.”
-St. Augustine

“I remember that I was never able to get along at school. I was always at the foot of the class.”
-Thomas Edison

“Thank goodness my education was neglected.”
-Beatrix Potter

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”
-Alejandro Jodorowsky

When public schools are judged by how much art and music they have, by how many science experiments their students perform, by how much time they leave for recess and play, and by how much food they grow, rather than by tests they administer, then I will be confident that we are preparing our students for a future where they will be creative participants and makers of history rather than obedient drones for the ruling economic elite.
-Mark Naison

What are some of your favorite homeschooling quotes? Feel free to share in the comments below!!

10 Mess-Free Activities to Entertain Toddlers While You School the Big Kids!


Here are TEN mess free activities to help keep the little ones entertained while you're schooling the bigger kids!
This article was first published in 2013 but I wanted to repost as it’s a topic that is always relevant. I hope this post helps some of you with good ideas on keeping your little ones busy!

We’ve been talking a lot on the How To Homeschool For Free Facebook page about how in the world we keep 1 and 2 year olds occupied while we get school done with the older kids.

It was so much easier when I just had little ones and could play with them all morning until nap time.  We would go see friends, go to the park, look through books… and I still do these to some extent with my little ones.

But now I also have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader, and both of them still need a lot of individual instruction throughout the day.  It definitely makes it more of a challenge to keep the little ones (5 and 2) occupied with fun activities while I have instruction time with the older ones.

Now, we could just try to get ALL of the instruction done during my 2 year old’s nap time (thankfully he still takes a nap each afternoon!) but we all do better when we get the majority of our schoolwork done in the mornings and the older kids can use the afternoons to pursue things that they are interested in without the 2 year old coming in behind them and messing up their work.

So I have been on the hunt for activities that my 2 year old (and to some extend my 5 year old) can do that don’t make a MESS!  There are plenty of activities that he would have a blast doing but that would end up taking the rest of us hours to clean up.

I see activities like that on Pinterest all the time.  Moving beans/rice from one container to the other?  Um… yeah that didn’t work out so well in our house.  Stringing beads?  They ended up all over the floor/under couches/we will be finding beads until we move!  Cornstarch and water?  It was fun, but ended up everywhere too!

Anyone else in the same boat?

Hopefully these activities will help you as much as they have helped me!

1. Watercolor paints in the tub

I take off everything except the diaper for my 2 year old and my 5 year old gets one of my “painting shirts” and I give them watercolors, a little water, and paintbrushes. The great thing about this activity is that since it’s watercolor paint, cleanup is just rinsing the tub down with water from the shower head!

2. Signing Time

Signing Time has been a staple video in our house for the past 10 years! My mother in law bought us the first six DVDs a while back and they are the most well-used DVDs in the house. I don’t like to use TV as an activity very often, but when I do, Signing Time is always my first choice for the little ones (the bigger ones really enjoy Magic School Bus and Carmen Sandiego)!

Bubble Machine For Toddlers3. Bubble machine outside

Notice that I said OUTSIDE. I’ve tried the bubble machine inside… and it doesn’t qualify as mess-free. Bubbles will keep my little ones entertained for HOURS! We bought a sun canopy for the backyard and as long as it’s not a windy day we can all do school under there and let the little ones play with the bubbles.

And yes, that’s a professional bubble blower.  It’s double the price of the plastic kid-ones and is going to be one of my next purchases.

Twistable Crayons For Toddlers4. Twistable crayons & Color Wonder markers

Regular crayons = LOTS of broken pieces and labels torn off everywhere. Twistable crayons = PEACE. Enough said. 🙂

I also love the color wonder markers that go with the color wonder paper, but I’m not a fan of the color wonder paints. I end up with globs of clear “paint” all over EVERYTHING.

Paint with water books for toddlers5. Paint with water books

What’s easier than cleaning up water? Well, unless you let your 2 year old stand at the sink and “wash dishes” like I did earlier today… yeah, that one is definitely NOT a mess-free activity. But if you give them a little bit of water, a paintbrush, and a water painting book it’s not bad at all (notice the emphasis on a *little bit* of water)!

Just Dance Disney for toddlers6. Just Dance Disney

Does anyone else use Just Dance for PE? I’m really picky about the songs that I let the kids dance to on the adult Just Dance games (there’s a reason it says 10+ which I think should be even higher), but I’m comfortable with almost all of them on Just Dance Disney and my 2 year old LOVES it. He brings me the Wii remote at various times throughout the day and begs me to turn it on so he can dance. What’s nice is that you can set it to run through the different songs for a set amount of time. So if I want it to stay on for just 15 minutes then I can set it for 15 minutes and it will run through 15 minutes worth of songs.

Games for toddlers7. Hammer golf tees into foam

Not with a *real* hammer, of course! Get a plastic hammer, some foam from a craft store, and a bag of colorful golf tees. They can hammer the golf tees into the foam over and over again! Then when they get tired of that, they can hammer the tees into the ground in the backyard. Just be sure not to use any green (or probably not black) tees when they do that so that you can easily get them out before you mow. 🙂

iPad Apps For Toddlers8. iPad/Tablet apps

We love our iPad. I guess I should say my 2 year old’s iPad. It’s *supposed* to be a family iPad but he’s the one who typically ends up with it. I’m planning a whole post on my favorite iPad apps for 2 year olds, but here are a few of his favorites:

  • First Letters – you drag the matching letters to each other and then at the end they sing the ABC song.
  • First Words – you drag each letter to the right place to make the word.

Put plastic colored balls in a pack n play for toddlers!9. Pack N Play ball pit

There’s no need to buy an inflatable ball pit when you can just put a package of plastic balls in a Pack N Play and create your own! All of my kids have loved sitting in a pile of colored pastic. If you have two younger ones like I do then you can put the younger one in the Pack N Play with the balls and have them throw the balls out for the older one to run and get and put back into the Pack N Play.

What are your favorite mess-free activities for toddlers? Please share them with us in the comments below!

Disclosure: There are links in this post that are affiliate links because, well, it would be silly for me not to use affiliate links where I can. Affiliate commissions help to keep How To Homeschool For Free… FREE! 🙂

20 Reasons Why English Can Be Hard To Learn {Infographic}

So true!! 20 Reasons Why English Can Be Hard To Learn...

Click on the picture to enlarge!

Are there any other sentences that you can think of to add to the list??

Free Online Phonics Lessons!

You child can learn phonics easily online for FREE with this amazing program!


Progressive Phonics

Progressive Phonics is a free phonics program that you can use to teach your little ones how to read. This program uses phonics and sight words, and there are handwriting lessons to go with each reading lesson.

You begin with the Alphabet books and then each book gets harder as you move through the different levels. You have the option of printing the books or having your child read them on the screen.

Go here to check out Progressive Phonics.

For more free online Phonics resources, check out our FREE Phonics Curriculum Options Resources page!

Free Ancient & American History Curriculums!

Here are some GREAT free homeschool history curriculums for ancient and american history!
If you’re looking for a free history curriculum to use in your homeschool then you will definitely want to check out Guest Hollow. Guest Hollow was created by a veteran homeschooling family who created this curriculum for their own children, and is now sharing with others for FREE. Guest Hollow has 2 levels of American History as well as Ancient History and a History Timeline Schedule.

The Guest Hollow History Curriculum uses books that you can find on Amazon or in the library.

Head over here to check out Guest Hollow History.

For more free online History resources, check out our FREE History Curriculum Options Resources page!

Homeschool Greek Foreign Language for FREE!

Your kids can learn Greek online with this fabulous FREE resource!

Does your child want to learn the Greek Language?  There is an excellent resource that it absolutely FREE that will teach your student Greek. Kypros has many free courses to teach Greek (from beginner to advanced).  The lessons are audio lessons so the student can actually hear how the words are supposed to sound.

Some of the best features of Kypros:

  • Audio Lessons
  • Discussion Forum
  • Free Textbooks
  • More

Go here to check out Kypros. For more free online language resources, check out our FREE Foreign Language Curriculum Options Resources page!

Ultimate Guide to Early American History Curriculum!

Here is a wonderful FREE resource for guiding your children through early American history!

If you’re looking for a primer on American history for your kids with an emphasis on the founding documents, here is a great looking, free resource to help your kids learn their history!

Mom’s Mustard Seeds and Founders Academy have created this wonderful Ultimate Early Guide to American History Course that will teach your children about American History. These lessons include:

  • The Mayflower Compact
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution of the United States of America
  • The Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers

Be sure to check out all of the free homeschool history resources on How to Homeschool for Free!

FREE & Fun Online Typing Lessons For Kids!

It's time to teach the kids how to type! Here is a fun and free online resource to teach them the basics!

If you’re looking for a fun typing program for your kiddos, then check out Dance Mat Typing put together by the BBC!

There are four different levels and each level has 3 stages (so 12 lessons in all).

I went through several of the lessons and I was really impressed with the lesson structure… plus, I think the kids will have a lot of fun doing them (and they love English accents)!  🙂

The only thing that I would love to see added is an option to score accuracy and words per minute, but for a free typing program for the elementary-aged kids it definitely works great!

Head over to Dance Mat Typing HERE to get started.

Be sure to check out more free homeschool electives resources on How to Homeschool for Free!

(Thanks Marisa!)

FREE Printable Multiplication Practice Sheet For Numbers 3 – 12! {100 Problems}

Here is a FREE printable multiplication practice sheet for problems 3-12!!
My mom (who was a public school math teacher for many years) has always encouraged me to really focus on having the kids memorize all of their math facts, and for them to be able to do them FAST!  She taught Jr. High math and would have kids who had no problem learning the concepts of Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, but who would make several mistakes simply because they didn’t have their multiplication and division facts down.

Here is a FREE printable multiplication practice sheet for numbers 3-12!!

I love sharing the printable worksheets that I make for the kids with you guys, so if you would like to print this practice sheet for your kids (or for YOU – some of us parents likely need some extra practice here!) then just click the link below to download the pdf!  🙂

Click here to download the PDF of the 100 Practice Problems!

Also, if you don’t want to have to print out a new sheet every day, I am IN LOVE with my Scotch Laminator that my husband got me for Christmas!  We use dry-erase markers on the sheet to do the daily practice and it has worked out great!

Homeschool State History Resources: Printables, games, activities, & more!

FREE homeschool history resources for your state! Printables, games, activities, and more!
While you don’t have to spend a ton of time on state history, many states require that at least some state history be taught. Here are several completely free resources that can help you to get that requirement covered without breaking the bank!

Resources for all 50 states


This has all 50 states with a general plan for covering all the topics in a state history unit study. If you don’t like the link for your state below, come back to this link and find your state. It seems fairly comprehensive, including reading lists.

Mr. Donn

Mr. Donn is a classroom teacher who shares his resources online.

Individual State Links

• Alaska

Alaska Museum of Natural History

• Arizona

Arizona Memory Project

• Arkansas

Arkansas Historic Preservation Society

• California

Road to California

• Colorado

History Colorado

Doing History/Keeping the Past Project

• Connecticut

Connecticut History Online

The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

NOTE- You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the 2 units on Connecticut history.

• Delaware

Historical Society of Delaware

• Florida

Historical Society of Palm Beach County

Florida Kids

• Georgia

Old Governor’s Mansion

Georgia History

• Hawaii

Hawaiian History

This page has multiple subjects on it. The history is the 3rd topic on the list.

• Idaho

Idaho’s Capitol for Kids

• Illinois

Wild Illinois History

Illinois History Teacher

This is online access to past issues of Illinois History Teacher magazine. It contains a “Connection with the Curriculum” section.

• Indiana

Indiana Magazine of History

Indiana Historical Society

• Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa

• Kansas

Kansas Historical Society

Kansas History

• Louisiana

Louisiana – A State Unit Study

Louisiana History Project

• Maine

HOME- The Story of Maine

Maine Memory Network

• Maryland

Maryland History

• Michigan

Michigan Historical Museum

• Minnesota

Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota History: A WebQuest

• Mississippi

Mississippi—A WebQuest

• Missouri

Finding Missouri Video Series

University of Missouri

• Montana

Montana: Stories of the Land

This is an online Textbook. The textbook is free but you need password for the answer key. I do not know if homeschool teachers can get the password. Please post a comment if you know any additional information.

Montana Kids

• Nebraska

Nebraska Studies- Historical Timeline

• Nevada

Nevada Culture and History

• New Hampshire

New Hampshire Historical Society

• New Jersey

New Jersey History for Kidsand the Teacher’s Guide for it

• New Mexico

The Atlas of Historic New Mexico

Explore NM history using maps.

New Mexico History Museum

• New York

New York Historical Society

• North Dakota

State Historical Society of North Dakota

• Ohio

Ohio History Central

• Oklahoma

Oklahoma Historical Society

• Oregon

Celebrating Oregon’s Heritage

• Pennsylvania

Explore Pennsylvania History

• Rhode Island

Rhode Island History

• South Carolina

Teaching US History in South Carolina

This is American History as it correlates to Carolina History.

• South Dakota

The Weekly South Dakotan

• Tennessee

Tennessee History for Kids

• Texas

Texas Beyond History

• Utah

Utah State History

• Vermont

Vermont History

• Virginia

Virginia State History Curriculum

• Washington

Washington History

• West Virginia

West Virginia History & Fun

• Wisconsin

Wisconsin Historical Society

• Wyoming

Look for the link to the Student Packet.

Enjoy! and Please post in the comments any other helpful resources for State History!