Free Online Science Games for Learning Anatomy

Add these FREE Online Anatomy Learning Games to your homeschool!

Are you looking for a fun addition to your science curriculum?  Take a look at the FREE Online Science games on Anatomy Arcade.  Games such as Whack a Bone, Poke a Muscle, Digestive Jigsaw and more are sure to be a fun add for your homeschool.  Anatomy Arcade also has videos to go along with the topics as well as interactive word searches, crosswords and other really fun activities.


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Free Montessori Curriculum for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Here is a great Montessori curriculum to supplement your homeschooling!

Have you heard of the Montessori style of learning?  Developed by Maria Montessori in the 1800’s, the Montessori Method focuses on the child’s natural interests rather than formal or more textbookish methods of teaching.  If you are interested in utilizing the Montessori Method in your homeschool, you will definitely want to take a look at this FREE Montessori curriculum from Just Montessori.  This curriculum is suitable for students of age 3 – 6 1/2.  It is a 40 week curriculum which is written for Montessori classroom use, but can be easily adapted for home.

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Free Living Math Book Lists and How-To Guide

GREAT ideas here for adding Living Math to your homeschool! Reading lists and how to guide!

Reading excellent literature is a fabulous way to increase learning.  There are so many benefits to reading good books and math books are no exception.  There are HUGE numbers of wonderful living math books available.  If you want to get your students started reading math literatures you should definitely check out the living math web site.  On Living Math you will find several ideas for supplementing your math curriculum in a really fun way.  There are suggestions for math games, getting started with Living Math guides, and my favorite – lists and lists of books which utilize living math.  They are sorted by topic and are very easy to follow.

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High School Math Lessons – Algebra, Geometry, & More!

These FREE high school math lessons are a great addition to your curriculum! Algebra, geometry, and more!

Does your high schooler need a change or a supplement to their math curriculum?  Check out these FREE High School Math lessons from Math Planet.  There are lessons on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and more for high schoolers.  The format of the lesson is totally online which includes some reading and also some instructional videos.  The only thing  you may need to add are some practice problems.  Otherwise this looks like a great addition to your homeschool.

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Free Grammar and Spelling Workbooks for K – 5th Grade!

Get this totally free English curriculum for k - 5th Grade with lots of great printables!

McGraw Hill has an entire set of FREE Workbooks online for spelling, grammar and writing for kindergarten through 5th grade.  These FREE Treasure workbooks include exercises as well as a Kindergarten Activity book which looks really fun and colorful.  For each grade level from 1st through 5th grade you will find a combined practice book as well as one for grammar and one for spelling.  You will be able to print each workbook.  Take a look at the picture below to see what you will find inside some of the workbooks.

Get this totally free English curriculum for k - 5th Grade with lots of great printables!

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Read Over 100 of Aesop’s Fables Online!

Read over 100 of Aesop's Fables Online with your child for Free!

Reading classic literature is a fine way to increase your student’s learning.  Classics with beautiful language help to improve and challenge vocabulary.  Classic literature can also be very inspiring. A favorite classic among many is the collection of Aesop’s fables! This work of art by Milo Winter can be used in so many ways in your homeschool.  You could use the collection for copywork, reading practice, report writing, comprehension, and more.  The other wonderful thing is that you don’t even have to purchase the Aesop’s Fables collection or run to the library for it.  I found this excellent FREE version of Aesop’s Fables online from the Baldwin Project.  You and  your student will be able to read this classic for free over the internet. There are over 100 of Aesop’s Fables available there for your reading pleasure.

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Free Daily Online Grammar Lessons!

Here's a great way for your kids to learn grammar for FREE with these daily online lessons!

Does your student need a refresher on their grammar skills?  Or are they just starting out with grammar?  Either way you will appreciate these FREE Daily Grammar Lessons from Daily Grammar.  They have workbooks and e-books for sale, but you will also find their Daily Grammar lessons posted online completely FREE!

There are a total of 440 grammar lessons in all which cover topics from parts of speech all the way to capitalization and punctuation.  There is also a quiz included after each five lessons to help evaluate what they are learning.  If completing these lessons, the student may want to have a notebook and pencil handy to write the exercises down or you could also choose to print them.  Keep in mind that the answers are posted right below the exercises.  You can go here to see the FREE Daily Grammar lessons.

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Free Music Theory Resources – Ear Training, Scales, Chords, and More!

Learn all about music theory for free! Ear training exercises, scales, chords, and more!

Music can be such a beautiful addition to your homeschool! Quite often though, music lessons are not affordable for many homeschool families. I’m so thankful that there are many FREE Homeschool Music resources online!  They make learning music possible for so many who could not swing it otherwise. If you are interested in free music instruction you will definitely want to check out this wonderful free music theory resource page from Teoria!

Teoria has several different choices for your young (or old) musician. You can learn music theory and participate in ear training exercises, go through several tutorials on music theory, learn about scales, chords, harmonic function, and more. You can go here to check out this wonderful free resource.

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Free Art Lesson Projects for 1st Through 5th Graders!

FREE Art Lesson Projects for students! 30 Lessons for 1st - 5th graders!

Do you need a simple yet affective art curriculum for your 1st through 5th grader? If so, go here to check out a FREE Art Curriculum for 1st – 5th graders. This fun art curriculum from Art Tango will have your students creating self portraits, Native American Weaving mats, Leaf Art, Collages, Silhouettes, and much more. On Art Tango you will find 30 art lessons for 1st – 5th graders, a supply list for each grade, and a vocabulary list of art terms and definitions. There are also links to YouTube videos which include drawing lessons.

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Free Elections Guide for Young People: Primaries, Delegates, Parties, & More Explained Simply!

Elections for Young People Guide - primaries, delegates, parties, and more explained in simple terms!

Are  you trying to teach your children about the US Presidential election process?  I found this really great Elections Guide for Young People from Farrar Williams.  It is written in very simple terms, but explains difficult topics such as primaries, delegates, debates, parties, and more.  The guide walks the reader through the entire US presidential election process from the primaries all the way to election day.  This would be a great e-book to read as a family during the election.  From what I read, I didn’t notice any particular political slant but you may want to pre-read before giving to your kiddos.  You can get the FREE download here.

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