Free Charlotte’s Web Unit Study!

Free Charlotte's Web Unit Study!

“She was in a class by herself. It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”  – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Anyone recognize that famous quote?  It’s from one of my favorite childhood classics – Charlotte’s Web!  Charlotte’s Web is such a beautiful story of friendship which would go wonderfully as a read-aloud in your homeschool.  I also found this really great FREE Charlotte’s Web Unit Study to go along with reading the book.  Head over HERE to check it out.

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Free ACT and SAT Online Practice Tests

Practice for the ACT or SAT FREE Online!

Do you have students preparing to take the ACT and SAT test soon?  You can help calm their nerves by letting them take these FREE ACT and SAT Practice test from Math Planet.  They are online, and will be graded right away.  You will also find online math review tests if you need those.

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Free Online Spelling & Vocabulary Lessons!

FREE online spelling and Vocabulary lessons!

The ability to spell properly is a very important skill for our kiddos to learn.  A great way to add free spelling lessons to your homeschool is to use these FREE Spelling & Vocabulary lessons from AAASpell.  They have several great features that will help your student with their spelling including the following:

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Free Poetry Lesson Plans!

Learn all about Poetry with these FREE Lesson Plans!

Poetry is such a fun and interesting but often overlooked type of literature.  If you are looking to add a poetry study to your homeschool you will definitely want to take a look at these FREE Poetry Lessons from  You will find lesson plans for Elementary students all the way to High Schoolers.  They have poetry lessons from many famous poets such at Walt Whitman and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!  Another really cool feature of the site is the Poetry in the Classroom Calendar where you can find poetry themes and suggested poems for each month of the year.

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Free Math Videos and Printable Worksheets

Find TONS of free Math Concept videos and printables here!

Are you looking for extra help in teaching math to your students?  Math A+Tube has compiled tons of free videos which are subject based.  You just go to the subject in which you want to dig deeper and watch the videos.  There are also free worksheets you can print to practice the concepts.  You will find resources for concepts such as addition, subtraction, measurements all the way up to Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  This would be a great resource to bookmark for future reference on those days whey they are just not getting it.

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Dr. Seuss Educational Freebies for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

Enjoy learning on Dr. Seuss Day with Seuss Educational Freebies!

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! – Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on March 2nd marks a really fun day in educational circles.  Everyone enjoys a good Dr. Seuss book every now and then.  Dr. Seuss has been inspiring families for many years now and certainly will for years to come.  Are you planning some fun educational freebies for Dr. Sueuss’ Birthday, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss Day?

If so, check out all these fun educational freebies we found.

Free Lorax Unit Study Ideas

One Fish, Two Fish Preschool Printables

Free Dr. Seuss K-2 Fun Pack

Dr. Seuss Subtraction Freebie

Free Dr. Seuss Author Study

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Craft

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Craft

One Fish Two Fish Printables

Free Dr. Seuss Middle School Fun Pack

Measuring with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Tot/Pre-K Pack

Free Dr. Seuss Short Vowel Printable

Free Seuss Games and Activities at Seussville

Hop on Pop Popcorn Printable

Free Dr. Seuss Quotes Copywork

6 Dr. Seuss Inspired Math Activities

Free Dr. Seuss Printable Bookmarks

Dr. Seuss Syllable Worksheet

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Counting Curls Craft

Free Seuss Learning Pack

Oh, the Places You’ll Go Craft and Mini Book

Truffula Forest Lorax Craft

Fox in Sox Puppet Craft

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Free Educational Valentine’s Day Activities HUGE Round-up!

Learn and Celebrate Valentine's Day at the same time with this HUGE list of FREE educational resources!

It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a little break from the same ‘ol books and have some extra holiday fun in your homeschool.  I have scoured the web and come up with some really great freebies to help you with this.  Following are tons of free printables, activity ideas and more to use. Enjoy!

Free Valentine’s Day Educational Printables

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Activity Sheets

Free Valentine’s Day Letter Search Printables

Valentine’s Day Connect The Dots

Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Valentine Scripture Coloring Sheet

Free Valentine’s Day Learning Packs

Free Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets

Free Valentine’s Day Educational Activities

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary, Spelling, Handwriting, Writing Printables and Online Interactive (Lessons, Games, Tests)

Valentine’s Day Clip Cards

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Practice

Broken Heart Alphabet Hunt

Valentine’s Heart Spelling Game

Lego Valentine Writing Prompts & other Ideas

Chocolate Unit Study

Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Middle and High Schoolers

Free Valentine’s Day Art & Music Activities

Simple Valentine’s Day Art

Valentine’s Day Play-Doh Recipe

Mosaic of My Heart Valentine’s Craft

Valentine Shaving Cream Art

Free Valentine’s Day STEM Resources

Heart Addition Mat Math

Valentine’s Day Math Printables

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures

Fizzy Hearts Science for Kids

Dissolving Hearts Science Experiment

Measuring with Candy Hearts

More ideas for Candy Heart Measurement

STEM Activities for Valentine’s Day

Dissolving Candy Hearts Science 2

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Free Government and Current Events Lessons from The Bill of Rights Institute

Free Government and Current Events Lessons from The Bill of Rights Institute!

Are you looking for an excellent resource to supplement your government or US History program?  Look no further than these wonderful Free Government Lessons from The Bill of Rights Institute.  You can register to receive a free eLesson sent to your inbox each day or browse around for some of the following resources:

  • Federalists Papers
  • The Electoral College
  • Current Events
  • Presidents, past and present
  • much more…

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Free Lessons in Music Theory and Appreciation

Free Music Lessons

If you would like to add some lessons in music appreciation and theory to your homeschool, then you will LOVE this amazing free resource from Carnegie Hall!  At the Carnegie Hall Digital Library you will find several resources for all ages including the following:

Online Games and Listening Guides

Lesson Plans and Teacher’s guides

and More

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Free Help with Understanding Algebra!

Does your student need some extra help with Algebra? Check out this FREE resource to help your student pull through!

How’s Algebra going?  Are you finding that you and your student need a little help in that subject?  If so you will definitely want to check out Understanding Algebra from James Brennan.  Including 9 chapters from real numbers to Quadratic Equations, you will be able to view it online or print it here as a PDF.

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